Finding Art… in Singapore

Where might you see art in Singapore? Two words…. “its everywhere!”     I didn’t expect fascinating art creations, sculptures, installations, etc.  to literally be around each street corner in Singapore. That was,  A Surprise. It was fun, to see artsy things pop up around pretty much where ever I looked.     Art SingaporeContinue reading “Finding Art… in Singapore”

Of All Places….

The Zoo.  A place to go for “lions, tigers and bears.” Ok, snakes, zebras, penguins and kangaroos, too.     Busy Perth Zoo The crowds are large. Jostling. Pushing. Tapping.     Tailgaters every where. Its not just the roads they’re on anymore. I wonder,  at their big rush… at the zoo. Of all places.Continue reading “Of All Places….”

Wildflower Trail

On the trail.  Travelling deep into W.A. wildflower country. Finding so many blossoms of lovely colors, its just hard to choose one!     Digital Dots   Lilacs and Purples all speckled and dotted!   I chose to create a digital painting emphasising dots.     This of course, ties in to some cultural aspects hereContinue reading “Wildflower Trail”

Last Light…on the Indian Ocean

The winter sun. It doesn’t lazily meander down the horizon like the summer sunsets do. Oh no,  there is no lingering.     Indian Ocean Kalbarri, Western Australia.   The last light of the day flickers and gleams as the sun dives to kiss the Indian Ocean at dusk.     Its descent it moreContinue reading “Last Light…on the Indian Ocean”