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Finding Art… in Singapore

Finding Art… in Singapore

Where might you see art in Singapore?

Two words….

“its everywhere!”



I didn’t expect fascinating art creations, sculptures, installations, etc.  to literally be around each street corner in Singapore.

That was,  A Surprise.

It was fun, to see artsy things pop up around pretty much where ever I looked.


art in the garden, Singapore flower dome, travel asia,
Art, in Singapore


Art Singapore



Singapore did surprise me.

I found so much more here, than I thought I might.


Too much almost.

You’d need to visit more than a week to take in adequately all that is available.

I went to two art exhibitions that were stunning. (More on those in a later post.)

The river cruise, animal park, Orchard district shopping – kept us busy.

My camera card was filled.  My hand, sore.

So many photographs – but truly I couldn’t resist.




Gardens by The Bay

My featured shot for the flower dome seems straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

It does capture the mood perfectly.



Gardens by The Bay info

The design team for the project included WilkinsonEyre, Grant Associates, Atelier Ten and Atelier One.

Located in the central area of Singapore, is a 250 acre park of reclaimed land.


The idea behind creating the gardens was to transform the city.

To change it from a garden city…… to a

City in a Garden.  



Yes, they did.



Singapore Garden by the bay, flower dome,
Flower Dome Garden by Bay Singapore



With family now in Singapore, I think we will have a few more visits in the future.





Storms in Blue

Storms in Blue

Dark Storms thundered across the Perth sky, putting on an amazing show at Scarborough Beach.

Inspiring.  Delightful.

Stirring the imagination!



oil seascape on wood board, impressionist seascape, dramatic abstract skies in oils, painting Perth,
Beautiful Dark Storms, oil painting  on board



Beautiful Dark Storms


No picture perfect, pretty blue skies today.

Nor tropical turquoise waters lapping so softly upon the glittering golden warm sands.


Moody.  Ominous.  Storms and seas lashing out in wild fury.  …… so it seemed.




The Painting

I was inspired.  My imagination freed.

The canvas of sky and sea was spectacular.

And regardless of whether I “do it justice” or not; still, I will do what I’m being stirred to do.

The rapidly changing faces of the sea and sky needed to be recorded, needed photographed, and needed to be painted.



This oil painting was completed fairly quickly, from memory.

Not on the spot.

(Nor while looking at the photos. I felt that if I could not convey the Feeling of the scene, from my heart felt remembrance of the scene, and stir the viewers to an emotional response,  then perhaps I need to do better next time!)



We  just returned from a quick little break at Scarborough Beach.   

While there,  were treated to some mid winter wild storms.

The vibe of the beach was vastly different to what we see 90% of the time here in Perth.

And that very difference..  made the gloom, greyness, biting cold, the squalls, the skies  – so much more Intriguing!




I kept this simple, with a monochromatic theme.

Less,  being More.


Employing too many colors, would be a recipe for Chaos.

For a lack of clarity.

And while that very element is required to some degree for this painting to work, Chaos must not reign out of control.

It must be harnessed.


I must ‘direct’ it.

As the artist/creator,  I must direct where the eyes will go.


And you can I hope,  see that the eye is being led.

From the lower right hand corner, diagonally up and left. Towards the shelf of buff and The White that is butted up against the deep dark richness of Prussian Blue in its very darkest.


(This Contrast of Light against Dark is a lovely tool to use in your paintings.)




Oil Paints Used

Colors used were,  primarily my Blues:  Prussian Blue,  Cobalt Teal Blue,  White,  Buff Titanium,  and a bit of Cerulean.




Surface Used

I chose to use a prepared wood board.  Its solid, heavy and would allow the brush marks to remain visible if and where I so chose to do so.

The sturdy feel of these wood wrap around boards is very enjoyable to use. But it is rather expensive here, so I keep them for ‘treats.’




A side note…. for those in Perth going to Scarborough Beach – The Wild Fig cafe/restaurant certainly has my vote for delicious food.

Everything we ate while there, was great.   And their GF Fig Cake was incredible. 




Of All Places….

Of All Places….

The Zoo.  A place to go for “lions, tigers and bears.”

Ok, snakes, zebras, penguins and kangaroos, too.


nature photography, zen strolls, Perth zoo, contemplative photography,
Invitations to the zoo


Busy Perth Zoo

The crowds are large.






Tailgaters every where.

Its not just the roads they’re on anymore.

I wonder,  at their big rush… at the zoo.

Of all places.

Curious at such burning need for speed that their need, excuses their tailgating “incidents and accidents.”



Zen Time,  Zoo Time

The enjoyment for me is to take my time and not be rushed, here at the zoo.


Smell the roses.

(Violets in the case of Perth Zoo.)


Doing it all, in one afternoon is overwhelming.

And sucks the enjoyment out.

Photos are horrible.

Feet are sore.

Things get grumpy.

And, I never really get to  “know”  ie get a personalized view on any of the subjects.




Choose a Focal Point

In life, as it is in art.


I like to choose a target area and spend most of my time … at that location.

That’s my “Theme.”

I’ll spend some time getting acquainted with the exhibit, the subject, the location.


Yep. I know.

That – is the artist, coming out in me.


I just keep in mind,  that next time, I can choose another area to focus on.

Simple, really.



nature photography, trees and foliage in greens, zen moments,
Zen Greens at the zoo




Simplicity and Zen – at the Zoo?

Yes.  It is possible!



I thoroughly enjoy searching for the unexpected and the unlikely in places that you wouldn’t typically link together.

Looking for, the something that is that little bit  Different.


Finding zen at the zoo.

Of All Places.


It is my way, of finding calm,  of creating calm from out of life’s chaos and busy 24-7 we’re all now lodged firmly within.


Not all my zoo pics are plants and zen. I don’t have a photo shortage of emu, giraffe, koala, zebra and numbats, etc. Not at all.

Far too many……  But thats part of the enjoyment of going too.


calm in the midst of chaos, nature photography, finding serenity, Perth zoo,
zoo meditations





Perth Zoo, Western Australia     a wonderful, easy to walk zoo.

Surrounded by beautifully green shade trees. There is enough to do and see to inspire me to have purchased my annual pass.  Once, certainly is not enough.

Spring and Autumn are lovely. I do enjoy the Winter days as well, on a warm sunny afternoon, it is perfect!



contemplative photography

finding calm, creating calm, soft greens

the quiet joy of nature 

Perth zoo the Violets…. 

Choose a Focal Point, a center of interest 

close your eyes for just a minute 




I chose these 3 photographs because of the light;  and that sense of  “invitation”  was just fantastic.

This, was just meters from the front entrance.

I loved it. With those deep jade greens that were brightened by the beautiful branch of light gold green… beckoning.

Zen at the Zoo.

Of all places.



The Wild and Beautiful – Indian Ocean

The Wild and Beautiful – Indian Ocean

In breathtaking indigo, cobalt, ultramarine blues and turquoise, the Indian Ocean captivates.

A wild tempest, lashing cyclones off the shores of Western Australia one day;  a sweet kitten the next.

So wild. So beautiful.


indian ocean photos,
“Four Faces -The Indian Ocean”     …      Canon photographs




Beautiful Ocean


With a myriad of faces and a dazzling display of hues,  the Indian Ocean has me content in artist paradise.




Creative Inspirations


For insight, into my art  image I thought I’d share some of my thoughts.

Some of the creative and artistic  processes, images, feelings, that were going on at the time.


I was inspired in this creation,  Four Faces of the Indian Ocean by a number of things:







They each –  played a subtle role, influencing me.

Their faces filtering in as I reinterpreted my adventures along,  The Wild and Beautiful Indian Ocean.





Storm Clouds – Ipad Adventure

Storm Clouds – Ipad Adventure

Deep Purple. Clouds quilting the sky.

There is an excitement in the air. I can nearly touch it.

Energy crackling, pulsing deep within my heart.


storm clouds dark purple, photo ipad, Helen Keller quote,
Storm in purples.iphone.ipad apps.






Like Helen Keller said,

“The best and most beautiful things

in the world

cannot be seen or even touched –

they must be felt with the heart.”







Song writer J. Bullock,

“when the storm clouds

in the west are quickly gathering


the ponies they run wild there

before it rains


you’ll see their sleek dark bodies,

darkly gleaming


you know the fire

is flying through their brains…”





Travel Location


This Storm photo was taken up north in Kalbarri, Western Australia.

It was shot… just as the sun was setting.



Our travel adventure was coming to a close.

But we were being treated to sky magic.

Art…… painting in the air.






Photo Editing Processes


I had the iphone, so  took the shot on that.

It was later, loaded onto my Ipad Pro for  photo editing. As I have a lot more editing apps on the Ipad.


Plus, my Ipad Pro has the added advantage of …. I can,  actually see the keys.

This is very important.  Any One, laughing yet?



My Ipad Pro is big enough for my hands too.

This, is another Big bonus.


So I don’t (often)  misdial, mis tap the keys. Like my unwieldy RA fingers do all the time on that iphone. If you’re younger… you may just smirk abit at this!





*Sidenote…….. I have to say, I have been extremely satisfied with my Ipad Pro.

I’m very glad now that I went ahead and bought it.

I DO like Apple products.  Just perhaps not the phones so much.





At any rate,  this image was edited. Heavily.

But, in my defense,  I needed all the help and extras that I could get as the original shot wasn’t super.

The editing included – tweaking tone, color, white balance, sharpening, defining, saturation. I added some filters. Enhanced the lilac hue by about 40%.  Then Cropped it.




A Workout

I really worked it over.

Doing a lot more work  processes and taking much longer than I would  normally do with my Camera photos. Just over an hour to do this one.






I ended up liking this alright.

It has a feel to it that is similar enough   to How I Paint.  I do like to paint skies just like this!  






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Storm Clouds a digital excursion and adventure from Kalbarri, W.A.


Sky With Attitude!

Sky With Attitude!

Stop! Stop the drama. Stop the attitude!

This sky, isn’t just ‘another’ sky……

moody sky photographs, Kalbarri travel photos,
Sky With Attitude,



But it is Another Face,  Of Kalbarri.

Western Australia.





I really don’t mind  all the drama and the attitude going on.


Find Out…. in the preceding “The Face of a River” !




Even though, this is on the dark side (for me)  I decided a trip now and again to that side, surely won’t hurt.



Sometimes.   Showing some Attitude,  can be a beautiful thing.





The Face – Of A River

The Face – Of A River

Faces are lined.  Whether it’s my own, or someone else’s or,  something else entirely.

The lines may be big sweeping bold strokes upon that canvas.

Or they may be gossamer threads barely seen.

Creating….. Individuality!!

face of a river, Kalbarri gorge, Murchison River, Western Australia travel photographs,
Face of a River, Murchison River, W.A.


The Face of a River


The face we view is filled with lines.


Those lines are Charming.  Craggy.

Full of Character.


Thats what make each face, of a river unique.

Special. and unforgettable.




One Of a Kind

The Face of something is not just another face,  to my way of thinking.

I look for the lines……

that mark the creation as unique.




A view,  peering straight down.

At the river far below and the massive boulders and rock faces lining the gorge walls in their sheer drop.

Its a misleading photograph, that ‘fools the eye’ and  ‘flattens’ the scene into a near abstract design. So lovely.And Precarious.

scarred gorges Murchison river, W.A. Kalbarri, travel photography,
Scars Upon the River’s Face, Murchison River,

Murchison River.

A One of a kind creation.






So many faces yet to come!

I’ll be busy for quite some time with the Kalbarri, W.A. (Western Australia)  adventures.





What I learned:

Each petal,  every wave, every sunset, every river… each city,   And  person.

Has a Unique, Face.

That is filled with so many incredibly gorgeous lines.


I must –  Take More Time

to observe.

To fill my days with wonder and magic, as a child does.




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