Watercolor: The River Speaks

watercolor landscape river, Western Australia outback, debiriley.com

The Muse was out.

And its “Watercolors”  for the River.

Nothing fancy. Nothing big.

Just plain simple and small, watercolors.

watercolor landscape river, Western Australia outback, debiriley.com
The River’s conversation, watercolor, debiriley.com


The Murchison River


My beautiful Murchison River and Kalbarri – what a theme.



It might take me quite awhile to fulfill whats being asked.

There are so many more faces and facets of the River.

Tugging at me to accomplish.



No,  Perhaps they won’t all be “five star” winners.



I do see them  more in the way  of…. conversations.

Conversations with the River.



Yes.  It might take awhile.





Part I  and Part II    The River

The River Speaks, art   from last week,  is actually part 1  and this post is the ‘follow up.’





Art. Is boundless.


As mentioned,  Art comes in MANY,  Forms! 

So, I really don’t put limitations on what form  my creativity takes on a given day.



One day The Muse may have me get into writing verse and painting acrylics.

Maybe the next,  she has me getting my camera out (looking at the tiny microcosms within reflections.)

Then perhaps the following week, I’m flinging watercolors all over my studio.



As long as I have some creativity,  a bit of enthusiasm,  and my inspiration well hasn’t run dry … hey! I’m doing good.




Just Show Up!  


I am showing up.

To do what I’m meant to do.  Practising my skills.

Releasing my creativity.



scarred gorges Murchison river, W.A. Kalbarri, travel photography, debiriley.com
Scars Upon the River’s Face, Murchison River, debiriley.com

Some, of the reference photos of the River.

face of a river, Kalbarri gorge, Murchison River, Western Australia travel photographs, debirley.com
Face of a River, Murchison River, W.A. debiriley.com


cobalt teal blue abstract painting, uplifting, debiriley.com
Cobalt Teal Abstract, Uplifting! debiriley.com



I  don’t need  Perfection.

I do need  to exercise my imagination.

And, to  release the creativity bundled up within.



What a fun day conversing its been.

The River, The Muse, the watercolors and I.

I heard The River Speak.





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29 thoughts on “Watercolor: The River Speaks

  1. it’s wonderful to answer the call of something that speaks to us. you gave in to that call and created something from your heart without boundaries. i call that perfect combination to pure bliss.


  2. I totally agree as I continue on my journey to discovery creativity. At first I worried I am all over the place. Should I concentrate on one art form? But creativity takes me on a fun journey down many paths and I am going with its flow. 😉

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    1. the author and book, you’re reading is absolutely wonderful; glad that you found it and suggest it to others too!
      I can tell, and feel the shift in your art as well. its subtle. but. I can detect it. you know, once, I’d have said it would be EASIER to stay – with the one medium for awhile. but, adding mixed media here and there – sure – why not! LOL

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      1. It’s really not so much another form of painting I seek. Sometimes it is photography. Sometimes it is words. Sometimes it is cooking. Make sense ?

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  3. Oh so very lovely…..your painting captures the very essence of your landscape and ever so slight river, it is there breathing. Your photos are gorgeous I especially love the out of kilter angle on the one. Very inspiring post Debi 🙂

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    1. Great observation and comment there ms M!! re: the angle of the shot. Thank you.
      I still… get my fix… on Rivers via YOUR paintings and photos of the Yuba. sends me to a real, happy place. 🙂 no wine needed. LOL must go look at your latest now! cheers, Debi

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      1. thats a great time! its peaceful. the birds are out chirping, the sun is just peeking thru……. my husband isn’t a ‘morning’ person. but I am. lol

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      1. I also enjoy painting and appreciate your fine work and mix of colors in your art. It is really beautiful. I also really appreciate that you have taken time to go back and read some of my past posts and put a like on them. This is my first attempt at blogging so I am still building a following very slowly. Thank you. Dwight

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      2. hi Dwight, I understand! blogging is ‘interesting’ shall we say. along with social media. I could ‘date myself’ with comments about the old days. but I’ll keep quiet. lol I’m not, well versed in the blogging, SEO, keywords. etc. I ‘try’ Anyway… I liked your site and will return for more looks and see what you have going! Cheers, Debi

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    1. thank you so much!! hope my imagination can come up with some more art excitement!! thanks, glad you enjoyed the post! cheers, Debi


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