Softly Antiqued Chrysanthemums

chrysanthemums in blues, antique print look,

Even a ‘little’  art  play is enough to stir my enthusiasm and my imagination, no matter what else is going on. Phones alerting and buzzing, malfunctioning dryers, kids yelling …..

I did have a list of things to do.



chrysanthemums in blues, antique print look,
Chrysanthemum  soft blues and greens, digital




And then become ‘otherwise engaged.’

A  floral gift, that begged to have its photo taken!





Chrysanthemums in Blue


Good Intentions.  Take the photo and do my other jobs.


I did take the photo.




But. I made a mistake.

I downloaded it onto my computer.

Which then leads me straight into editing and cropping in Iphotos.   Its like a second nature,  “download = edit/crop.”



From there….. well, Of course, I had to move the photo over to another editor for further artistic touches.

I wanted to make it look ‘old.’

Charming,  zen and cottage chic elegant.



“It just needed some Fine touches.”

“I’m using and  building my imagination, Letting my creative energies loose. I need more practice with digital editing. ”

and,   here is one you can all smile at:

“I’ll be providing my readers with something interesting…(hopefully)  for the Next post!”




What   Other justifications did I use!?


“I’ll just be a minute.”

We all, know better than that.







Color Palette


The Blue and Green Combination was chosen to provide a calm, Zen  feeling to the image.

It has a cool and woodsy natural look to it that is quite appealing.


Natural, worn, weathered, aged, slightly unfinished look.

These combine to convey a Wabi Sabi art style that I absolutely love.







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So A big thanks to David!

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Zen,   Wabi Sabi  Simply Zen  the 7th Day



digital art flowers

The Iris…. 

wildflower trail





This  is Not a Painting 


This is not a painting.   Just for clarification for everyone.

Recently, many of my readers see my photos and think they’re paintings.


Normally, though….. if it looks, like a photo and isn’t a  free, washy and LOOSE style and approach – Then, its most likely  a photo.


This is a digital photo rendered and edited to look more like an art print and less like the original photograph.  The original photo was actually pretty poor.  So to be able to create pretty from ugly was a good use of imagination, creativity, and effort.




My Original  Agenda 

I didn’t get all my tasks planned done. Sadly, I get to mop today.



However, on the bright side,  I made 2 wonderful productive creations.

Art and Food.


I was able to create delicious homemade potato salad, homemade chicken and vegie soup, a vegie and fruit platter and a pasta casserole. Plus, I had to get to the shops to buy all the ingredients as well.


Really, that’s Not too bad.  Hope they enjoy the meal.






I have 3 other versions of this photo, that I’m planning to edit.

I think I’ll have to save them for another day…. I can hardly wait!



I quite enjoyed the whole process of creating this soft antiqued chrysanthemum – it was a good day.



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17 thoughts on “Softly Antiqued Chrysanthemums

  1. I truly love your photo editing, I had no clue or perhaps I did because I have seen it done but I haven’t even thought of doing something like it. Love your choice of color and definitely wabi sabi. You are on a photographic creative roll, I believe!

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    1. thank you ms M! this one works really well, strangely…the actual original photo is pretty bad! but it is fun. and if you want more info i can email you too. I got some more really nice ones from that photo i will share later.

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  2. Sounds like a wonderful and productive day! I am amazed at how far you’ve come in mastering the computer editing tools. I recall not so long ago you expressing no knowledge whatsoever and a great frustration. Now look at you. I have no clue about these programs you are using but you are creating magic with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Jodi! Just keep poking the bear, thats me, lol. its STILL. Frustrating… and will be, til I use it alot More. I love my real brush, only because I’ve used it so much its ‘on auto’

      Liked by 1 person

    1. hi Carol, Thank You very much!!! so glad you liked it and for your comment! you know probably…that I infrequently, do digital art creations. So, its always hit and miss if it ‘works’ – Thanks for sharing your thoughts! cheers Debi 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you very much! a new approach for me, but I did find it appealing and will give it another go. thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!! cheers, Debi


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