The Face – Of A River

scarred gorges Murchison river, W.A. Kalbarri, travel photography,

Faces are lined.  Whether it’s my own, or someone else’s or,  something else entirely.

The lines may be big sweeping bold strokes upon that canvas.

Or they may be gossamer threads barely seen.

Creating….. Individuality!!

face of a river, Kalbarri gorge, Murchison River, Western Australia travel photographs,
Face of a River, Murchison River, W.A.


The Face of a River


The face we view is filled with lines.


Those lines are Charming.  Craggy.

Full of Character.


Thats what make each face, of a river unique.

Special. and unforgettable.




One Of a Kind

The Face of something is not just another face,  to my way of thinking.

I look for the lines……

that mark the creation as unique.




A view,  peering straight down.

At the river far below and the massive boulders and rock faces lining the gorge walls in their sheer drop.

Its a misleading photograph, that ‘fools the eye’ and  ‘flattens’ the scene into a near abstract design. So lovely.And Precarious.

scarred gorges Murchison river, W.A. Kalbarri, travel photography,
Scars Upon the River’s Face, Murchison River,

Murchison River.

A One of a kind creation.






So many faces yet to come!

I’ll be busy for quite some time with the Kalbarri, W.A. (Western Australia)  adventures.





What I learned:

Each petal,  every wave, every sunset, every river… each city,   And  person.

Has a Unique, Face.

That is filled with so many incredibly gorgeous lines.


I must –  Take More Time

to observe.

To fill my days with wonder and magic, as a child does.




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