Art Comes In Many Forms

Balmain, NSW, graffiti art forms, photo,

Graffiti, grillwork and linoprinting – inspired by Balmain, New South Wales, Australia. These three images are connected and are in harmony through their fascinating twists and turns.  Their Designs link them together.

art in many forms, Balmain, NSW,
Balmain Grillwork


Art Forms:  Graffiti, Grillwork, Linoprints

The first image taken was the grillwork close up.  Second was the graffiti on a building wall, which I found similiar in design to the grillwork.  Third was my linoprint in blue.

Balmain, NSW, graffiti art forms, photo,
Balmain Graffiti

While visiting in Sydney, I took a series of photographs of homes, gardens, buildings, doorways. Seeing the old heritage buildings and the ornate designs was quite fascinating from an artistic viewpoint.

Looking at the buildings and structures, I was amazed that now liked them so much. In the past, I’ve not cared much for buildings.


Linoprint in Blue,
Blue LinoPrint

But, this time, I was really seeing the abstract shapes and patterns within these buildings and fences, doorways and walls. I liked it!


Art,  comes in many forms.  Not just in the one I’ve been used to, nor the one that fits like a nice old slipper.


And Yes, graffiti.  I really enjoy graffiti.  Who knew!




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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at and,

36 thoughts on “Art Comes In Many Forms

    1. hi Penny, thank you for commenting!! I just had a quick look at your work, your site and I really enjoy your approach and expressive feeling with the paints!


  1. hi Debi!.. Warm and calming artwork!!..this to me, is a lovely post. There is such beauty to be found in the oddest places; like heritage buildings , older architecture and even city streets!!..I love the way you are translating your trip to Balmain through these artistic expressions!!..and your blues are so inviting. – hope to keep ” strolling” along with you… 😊.. I am learning so much about expression!!..Thans again, Joanne Wighton

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    1. hi Joanne, thank you so much for going on my little stroll with me! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post with the 3 types of artwork! I had to laugh at myself, as I was thinking … that little coffee stroll, is going to get flogged for a long time here!

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  2. …It would be interesting to merge grillwork patterns with silhouette papercuts…then stencil them in layers…. (though there arn’t enough hours in the day?!)

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    1. Nexi, that sounds really exciting! maybe YOU could do it? smiling now. and you are so right about hours in the day… though, I imagine if I gave up WP, I’d have at least 20+ more hours for art. LOL

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      1. … tell me about it! Probably worth bearing the pareti principle in mind…..(80 percent of the value from 20 percent of the blogging….???)

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  3. Love the lino print. Am about to embark on further learning about printing techniques, particularly lino and wood cuts. Your blog is quite wonderful!

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    1. hi Ashley, thank you so much for your comments! glad you enjoyed the post and images today. I love all sorts of printmaking, but w/o a press need to be selective which Techniques to use. But they are so fun!


  4. We have something in common: we get inspired by so many things we see. I really love these examples you show, they are wonderful. Just sent you a mail with recipes, look into your spam filter, cheers Mitza

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    1. yes, you are right on! my mind sees art, in Everything! Its a Good thing, for me, a helpful thing to see Beauty in most places. A very good thing.
      thank you Mitza for jam recipe. is email dreimalkunst?

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      1. You can find my mail address in my about and in the mail I sent to you.
        Maybe we have this in common that we see beauty in many things. I can see a lot of details that others don’t see, and I love details.
        My imagination has helped me a lot to overcome my childhood which wasn’t that funny and up to today I let it bustle about when I can’t sleep or when I’m unhappy.

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  5. I totally agree, art comes in many forms, beside color art is made out of forms, shapes, silhouettes, and inspiration can come sometimes from unexpected sources indeed. Love your lino print, last time I used that technique was more then 30 years ago in art school, gosh thats a long time ago, hehe. You brought back some wonderful memories with that piece Debi!
    Have a beautiful weekend 🙂

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