The River Speaks, Art

Kalbarri, Murchison River, art by debi riley, travel Perth, photograph

Lying beneath the stark blue skies, the Murchison River is gouged deep into the red sienna earth. Quiet and at peace, for now.

Kalbarri River, art by debi riley, travel Perth, photograph
River Speaks of Art,

Ancient. 400 million years old with many a story to tell.

Can you, Imagine?



murchison river wildflowers of Kalbarri, W.A. travel Australia photographs
Blue River and wildflowers abound, Kalbarri W.A.


This rugged river raging, flooding in one season and calmly serene the next – inspires us artists in so many and imaginative forms of creative art.

Song, dance, poetry, sculpture, painting, textiles, jewelry. Multifaceted.





These spectacular rich red terracotta cliff faces set against the flashing blue of the river bends and the bold expanse of cobalt sky…. create so many faces of a river.  Of an ancient land.

So many forms of art to explore.

Exciting, isn’t it?



sightseeing Kalbarri gorges, Western Australia travel destinations,
Red Layered Outcrop of Kalbarri,



Can You Hear?


The Magnificence. Its overwhelming.

Its difficult to know where to begin.

I must wait until I hear clearly what The River will have me say.



Which medium, or technique, or format to select first?!

(Do I want to go large –  full sheets 3 foot, or  6 foot canvas?  Work in soft, buttery oils? Rich, dramatic and blendable pastels?  Perhaps a ‘flattened out abstracted’  approach?   Or small watercolor studies?)


Do them all!  that voice shouts in my head …… but,   I can not do them all at once. Nor put them all together in one mish mash of a painting. Dear Me.






Germination and Sprouting


This is when its best to let the experience ‘set’ for a while.

Let it gestate.  Let the ideas germinate and sprout.



It will become Clear.

I will know, ‘What’ to do first, and how it wants to be done.


The message I want to convey to others will also, be made clear.



Kalbarri gorge oasis, Western Australia travel, outback sightseeing,
Murchison in Verdant Green,


Many times its best   not to Rush into things,  nor to try to rush just to ‘get it finished!’


I do not want to be pushed,  into doing something too hastily and then end up with a chaotic mess.


The creative, artistic process – often – requires   T I M E.

I accept that.

It requires my hard, Effort.  As well.  I accept that too.


I learned these (slowly, I admit)   concepts  from  some well respected experienced artists who mentored me.   Wise people, indeed!

Wish I was wiser and had learned faster. But, we learn at the pace we need to.





My Learning Points of Today 
  • Blue and Red-Orange color variations sparkle
  • Faces of the Landscape slowly, reveal and speak
  • Magnificence,  takes Time
  • The River is a great ‘teacher’





Dig deep into your art subject and allow it time, to dig deep into you.


Just like, the Kalbarri Gorges, dug deep by the Murchison River and ….Time.










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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at and,

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    1. dear Jodi, thank so much! I am very happy you really enjoyed this 🙂 I’m sad, I saw that WP put some of your comments into a cordoned off area/ trash spam or something I glimpsed… and they were gone as I tried to Retrieve them!! darn it. there was about 3. a bit frustrating, but others say they are having issues too! did you ask about how I did my Sky photo…?

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      1. the sky photo…. hmm. taken on the Canon.
        loaded onto ipad first and processed. had to use ipad’s editor this time. then, reloaded and sent it to my desktop for more iphoto work. ie more punch with Tones! contrasts. some extra sharpening. color. definition. and white balance adjustment.
        this one, was a real convoluted photo, due to SD malfunctions. LOL but I was determined to make it all work out in the end 🙂 and …. a big Thank You Jodi for a lovely Comment!!!

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      2. Wow. Awesome. I have not learned to use these wonderful tools with photography yet. But love the effects that can be achieved. It is another amazing form of art!!

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    1. thanks Leanne. I’m sure, you’d get MEGA Stunning photographs. if you went. we were there just 2 days. it needs more. but, we went at a great time (not too hot!) thank goodness. you would love the diversity!


  1. such a magnificent place and source of inspiration. if you really give time to listen and internalize, it will speak to you and guide you. happy painting, debi. 🙂

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  2. This is my kind of place! Great photos. I do see what you mean about letting the gestation take the time that is needed for truly expressing such perceptions as you glean. The earth has a feeling of fleshiness very old and very experienced, the river a life giving vein embedded and throbbing within it, the both inseparable and mutually necessary to continuation of vegetation greening. Jus, Wow! G

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    1. Well Said!! …may have to stick that, in my post you said it so well!
      Thank you, so much for your eloquent and lovely comment. I do appreciate it! cheers, Debi


    1. hi Maria, thank you!!!!!!
      and you, as both a photographer – and working with horses, know very well, the vital importance of Patience.
      that word beginners dislike so much. lol


  3. A wonderful post Debi that I have taken to heart. I felt the same coming back from Arizona and Utah and also France last year. How to do justice to the glorious landscape or to the history and majesty of the cityscape? Your words are resonating and I am grateful for them. With warmest wishes as always…Andrew

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    1. my thanks! I haven’t ‘gotten Kalbarri out of the system’ yet. I think it will be quite a while.
      I felt that you would enjoy this post Andrew, I’m really glad you did! I don’t tire of any of your Ariz./Utah landscape posts. Ever. The images, seem to echo to me. With just loveliness.
      France… always intrigues as well bon jour ! 🙂

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      1. Merci beaucoup Debi for such lovely words which are greatly treasured. I hope we meet one day. If you are ever back in the Pacific North West we are just up the coast 🙂

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      2. you’re welcome. I truly hope to get there, this summer had some ‘issues’ – but really want to try for next summer. Vancouver is just a couple hours from Seattle.

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    1. Hi David, thanks for having a look and a read of this post!!
      I am pleased that you enjoyed this one …. and, the river spoke. For You. 🙂


    1. thank you Laura…. missing your lovely light, but you may be taking a peaceful, break from wp or the circus! LOL hahaha
      I never link the word ‘wise’ with myself…..but, yes, to the phrase ‘learned the ‘Hard Way’!
      and hoping,
      to point out, the Other less painful, ways for smarter folks! 🙂

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      1. wp is so odd. clearing ..comments! irritating me. just will have to email you,if i don’t hear from you 🙂 anyway. I am certainly in understanding about the heat. I know how ill it can make people. so, rest up. stay as cool as possible. And, I hope that you at least, have Central Air conditioning. that, would be a help! Here, its cool. wearing a hat in the house LOL but I prefer this!!! 9(LL)9 3d

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      2. thank goodness you do! 9(LL)9
        my daughter does here and she loves it! ps, have my hat on again 🙂 look at FB, might see me with the hat. lol this hat I give it maybe 1 more week. then the heat WILL COME 😦

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      3. you’re welcome Laura of the Light! 🙂 yeah. probably a bit like you at the moment though. a bit too much, activity, ‘overdoing’ But other than that. Doing Great! amen. how bout you? or. you prefer the email…. lol

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      4. Dry spell mostly, I think and what you said. I’ve been burned out, fatigue, low fever, seem to be bouncing out of it a bit now but wondering if something more may be going on since May was a similar thing. I’m glad you’re well!!

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      5. possiby overdoing too much for what the individual body can tolerate. I get it. yep…. just, wondering a lot of autoimmune things RA, SLE, Ms …etc! do flare and cause this whole range of stuff every so often.
        AND, The HEAT worsens many autoimmune probs. 😦
        drs can check for antibodies to those things. anyway, just a thought, coming from where I’ve been/am. hugs. 9(LL)9 ps i look forward to gollum soon! 3d

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