Spirit Lifting! Cobalt Teal

cobalt teal blue abstract painting, uplifting, debiriley.com

Nothing beats good old cobalt teal blue for revival and rejuvenation.

cobalt teal blue abstract painting, uplifting, debiriley.com
Cobalt Teal Abstract, Uplifting! debiriley.com


Cobalt Teal Blue pg50 – Rejuvenator


The creative artist goes through many stages and phases of learning and growth.

Whether its blogging, photography, painting, or writing.

We go through, a few …. ‘ mid-air stalls’   as well.   Lasting an hour, a day, or a couple of days.     Or two.

My favorite  ‘go to’ remedy is of course, cobalt teal blue, pg50.  Or,  CTB.





Uplifting Teal Color

Its just an uplifting and  “happy” color, isn’t it?

Fresh and clean.

Clarity, is what springs to mind when I look at cobalt teal.  Its easier to get refocused on what the real core priorities are.

What really matters.





Relaxing With Abstracts

I love abstracts.  They relax me when I am creating them.

They excite me, when I’m finished with them.

And if they haven’t quite worked, well.

I had fun.

I truly got to Relax, and not be tense or anxious.




Painting Abstracts lets me work out priorities in a way that representational paintings doesn’t. I can get down to the nitty gritty of the Basics, without being bogged down or distracted by all the ‘frou frou’ I am seeing.

With abstracts, its so much easier to express the feelings I wish to convey.  Goodness,  that sounds a lot like life counselling… oops.

Disclaimer Alert –  I am NOT a qualified professional in that area!



Teal and copper abstract painting, rejuvenating, zen, debi riley art techniques
Teal View II, with Copper Dominant, debiriley.com


Two Different Views


I liked the idea here of Two Views.   So I reversed it upside down. giving it another interpretation. A new twist.

It also makes the brain cells fire up, spin and leap to create new and more pathways, as it tries to create sense and order from this visual input.

In other words,  I like trying to make my brain create more pathways. Stronger.  Seeing how I’m not a spring ‘chook’ ie  chicken,  these things…. Yes, do flit through the mind.

I shudder to think what my paintings would look like if my brain cells were weaker!   Too bad I can’t do brain pushups.



Fast Summary:

Abstracts with cobalt teal blue,  is relaxing.

Its just plain good for the soul.






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44 thoughts on “Spirit Lifting! Cobalt Teal

  1. A bright and beautiful way for me to begin my day! So glad I got to see this lovely abstract and read your wise words, Debi. Colors do play such an important role for our brains and our bodies. And for our hearts and souls, too. Thanks for sharing Cobalt Teal Blue.

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  2. Cobalt teal. Ahhhhhhh. Indeed a powerful happy color It has become my go to as well. Loved how yours and Charlie’s posts connected today. Stunning art Debi!

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  3. I just found your site and am enjoying your work, especially this piece. I also like your quest to help others strive for originality in art I wholeheartedly agree that finding your own voice is critical for an artist.

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    1. thank you Miss Laura!! happy you liked! now I’m thinking of the next one. plus, thinking for Watercolor month in July….I may be able to do every other day. hmm. I’m not very good at the hashtag/tag thing though.lol

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      1. thanks!! the only way, i can do the wc month is to do several at one go. then post separately. I think. As my sister…. is coming for my birthday!!! flying in from Seattle for nearly a month 🙂 yay!

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      2. she’s coming july 19, my day is july 30 and then she leaves Aug 10. I was, going to go see Her, til some of my probs flared up 😦 I AM excited to see her!

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    1. Thank You, Annali! That is a most awesome comment 🙂
      and I do Try to change things up. some days, I do think I must be boring you guys to tears!! with all the Art Basics and explanations – but, that was the prime purpose of the website lol Thank you again, that was, very nice of you! cheers, Debi

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      1. art. is the one area where people can really… cut loose. be as free as they’d like. so, I figure why not. I’d like to be even more daring… and imaginative! lol and again, Annali, Thank you, kindly for such a wonderfully thoughtful comment. it is so appreciated. cheers, Debi

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    1. thank you ! can always count on the CTB fans to cheer it on 🙂 “The Rejuvenator” sounded a lot like, The Terminator…. but, I had a bit of a laugh and used it anyway lol

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  4. Waves upon waves, reminds me of surfing emotions and sensations in meditation, some are bright blue and lovely and some are muddy brown and uncomfortable.

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    1. thanks Nico! A good friend and colleague a very long time ago, said to me, “art is life, and life IS art.” I did not quite get it, then.
      As time goes on – I am getting it!

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  5. So very cool to see it turned upside down, it reminds me of taking a photo and then turning around to look behind at what you might have missed. Love your colours and all that yummy texture. Thanks again for your kind words and link to my website…cheers, Beth

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