Nothing beats good old cobalt teal blue for revival and rejuvenation.

cobalt teal blue abstract painting, uplifting,
Cobalt Teal Abstract, Uplifting!


Cobalt Teal Blue pg50 – Rejuvenator


The creative artist goes through many stages and phases of learning and growth.

Whether its blogging, photography, painting, or writing.

We go through, a few …. ‘ mid-air stalls’   as well.   Lasting an hour, a day, or a couple of days.     Or two.

My favorite  ‘go to’ remedy is of course, cobalt teal blue, pg50.  Or,  CTB.





Uplifting Teal Color

Its just an uplifting and  “happy” color, isn’t it?

Fresh and clean.

Clarity, is what springs to mind when I look at cobalt teal.  Its easier to get refocused on what the real core priorities are.

What really matters.





Relaxing With Abstracts

I love abstracts.  They relax me when I am creating them.

They excite me, when I’m finished with them.

And if they haven’t quite worked, well.

I had fun.

I truly got to Relax, and not be tense or anxious.




Painting Abstracts lets me work out priorities in a way that representational paintings doesn’t. I can get down to the nitty gritty of the Basics, without being bogged down or distracted by all the ‘frou frou’ I am seeing.

With abstracts, its so much easier to express the feelings I wish to convey.  Goodness,  that sounds a lot like life counselling… oops.

Disclaimer Alert –  I am NOT a qualified professional in that area!



Teal and copper abstract painting, rejuvenating, zen, debi riley art techniques
Teal View II, with Copper Dominant,


Two Different Views


I liked the idea here of Two Views.   So I reversed it upside down. giving it another interpretation. A new twist.

It also makes the brain cells fire up, spin and leap to create new and more pathways, as it tries to create sense and order from this visual input.

In other words,  I like trying to make my brain create more pathways. Stronger.  Seeing how I’m not a spring ‘chook’ ie  chicken,  these things…. Yes, do flit through the mind.

I shudder to think what my paintings would look like if my brain cells were weaker!   Too bad I can’t do brain pushups.



Fast Summary:

Abstracts with cobalt teal blue,  is relaxing.

Its just plain good for the soul.






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