Cobalt Teal…’can’t keep away from the flame’

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“Won’t you walk with me awhile, put a smile on my face….gonna keep coming back again. There’s no denyin’ can’t keep away from the flame.”   My thoughts about the watercolor paint, Cobalt Teal Blue!

the flame of cobalt teal blue pg50, watercolor painting, daniel smith paints,
The Flame of Cobalt Teal Blue


However,  I borrowed that verse from Def Leppard to be honest with his song “Can’t Keep Away From the Flame.”



Watercolor Paints in Blue Aqua

This watercolor paint color  cobalt teal blue pg50 by Daniel Smith, is so peaceful, restful and calming  – its like a mini spa retreat just painting with it.


The clarity and the smoothness is simply,  divine.


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Vertical Cobalt Teal


Watercolor Colors Used

I’ve just used 3 – cobalt teal blue,  naples yellow and indanthrone blue –  all 3 were Daniel Smith watercolors.

With these specific colors…. I really do strongly prefer the Daniel Smith brand to the dozens +  others I have tried over the years.   And I just won’t use the other brands when using these three colors.

The greens were mixed from the naples yellow and the blues.




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cobalt teal blue abstract oil painting ,
cobalt teal blue in oils




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27 thoughts on “Cobalt Teal…’can’t keep away from the flame’

    1. thank you very much Mitza!!! I’m so glad you said you liked it, and it would look good in home decor 🙂
      I have it going to upload into the international – worldwide shop Society 6 soon !

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  1. I just wanted to tell you that I am putting an order in for my little bit of magic…..yay! Cobalt Teal Blue…..I can’t wait to get it and try it out. 🙂 I am thinking that it will come in handy painting the Yuba as well, there is that exact color and I use Cerulean blue but rather use CTB. We’ll see

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    1. CTB is an opaque… so be aware of that. its not, a great… mixer. or glazer. it really likes to go Solo, mostly. but, you know i love it. lol I think you will Too!!

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      1. oh no worries, I remember you saying that it is a solo dancer with fancy footwork and I will know how to make it dance to my music! lol it will be fun indeed. I just sent off my order, hopefully I can be patient!


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