when one thing leads to another……


ultramarine glass reflections, creative still life art photograph, debiriley.com
The Face of Creativity, debiriley.com


A common by product of teaching a multitude of art mediums is…..one thing,  leads to another!




10 Faces of Creativity


  1. creativity.  it can’t be caged. it needs to fly
  2. creativity  holds infinity within its hands of Creation
  3. creativity is a realm.  a world within.  a vast,  world  on the outside
  4. creativity can’t be forced. it won’t be coerced
  5. creativity never responds unless its free to soar and return
  6. creativity is a bird in flight, a dove coming home
  7. creativity is diving from the skies,  stomach dropping, rush of adrenalin
  8. creativity has no warden, no border police, no boundaries, no lines to cross
  9. creativity just IS. by virtue of giving of itself freely. without reservation or fear
  10. creativity is a wide open barn door.  a castle drawbridge,  forever lowered




More Faces of Creativity



Points to ponder




Infinity and Creation soar

upon the wings

of the imagination you

allow to

go free

from within

Your Self





If, we win the ‘battle’ to Control and Master a thing…..

we will ultimately lose the ‘war’ to Achieve

Freedom Of Expression.






Mistakes !!!!


So What, if I mess up?

If an artwork is not a 5 Star masterpiece?


What is the real problem with that?

What if I achieved a 2 Star, and had the time of my life?

and made a discovery to use for the future?



I’m not afraid.

I’m going on a ‘creativity hunt.’

I’ve got my Muse by my side……



white dove grey feather floating in jade green water, photograph, debiriley.com
the Muse, as she wills





creativity in art and photography, green reflections, debiriley.com
A New Face of Creativity, airfreshener, debiriley.com



collage in greens, blues, gold, debiriley.com
Collage: Facets of Creativity, debiriley.com



creative cropping solves your art problems, acrylic on paper, debiriley.com
Miracle of Cropping, new creative twist from an old face



watercolor landscape water reflections, creative ways with watercolor debi riley paintings
Watercolor Muse…reflecting – debiriley.com





creative papers in a rose and gold sculptural design, debiriley.com
Rose Gold Collage, debiriley.com





creative portrait of a rose, photograph, debiriley.com
Gypsy Rose Lee, unveil of the rose, debiriley.com




inspiring color, abstracting photographs, debiriley.com
Inspire Me


Scarlets and Reds…. mixed with a dash of deep indigo and indanthrone.  They present lovely facets to sit and just, look into.


creativity includes cropping an image, debiriley.com
New Life, cropped










art materials we want, debiriley.com
The material goods…. of creativity


DIY gelli plate, debiriley.com
Circle.  wonderful face of creativity… try it.  its fun!




glorious Perth Wa sky photo debiriley.com
Glorious Perth Sky photo debiriley.com

If this Perth sky photograph fails to enthuse, inspire and generate some creativity out of me…. some thing, is drastically wrong!!     What a stunning face of creativity.



Entangled - linocut printed by hand, debiriley.com
Entangled – black and white linocut printed by hand. debiriley.com



turquoise encaustic debiriley.com
Thick.Turquoise Encaustic, with oils smeared on top. debiriley.com


oil abstract in blue and orange, debiriley.com
Oils in blue and orange. A River? maybe… debiriley.com





3   Suggested Artists I think are awesomely creative

Dale Chihuly        ……glass blowing artist

Maurice Sapiro    ……oil painter

Rag’n’Bone Man   ….. musician




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