Seeing Design: Silly Saturday

art design, design element tone, negative spaces, blue patio wall white lattice patterns,

Take a moment to pause. Have a look.  See all the design patterns within this shape now?  I passed it by – at my first glance.


art design, design element tone, negative spaces, blue patio wall white lattice patterns,
Art Design Shapes


Design Elements


The fascinating elements I like about this subject are:


  • There are at least 7 overlapping shapes that help create depth and visual interest.
  • The color blue, Ultramarine blue is lovely with the super light lemon yellow of the foliage in the back.
  • The curving directional line leads in,  a design tip helps guide the eye.
  • The negative spaces that the lattice creates are wonderful at holding the viewer’s attention.
  • And,  the patterns.  I simply love the pattern of this lattice work.



Tonal Values

Even on walks my eyes scan for shapes. Looking  for areas of Tone:  Light and areas of Dark.

And quite often I miss great subjects, walk right by.

As I nearly did with this one,  on the walk in Sydney suburb of Balmain.


walking past a great design in Balmain, seeing design in everyday things,
Walking Past

This is how my eye first scanned and registered the scene on first glance.  Walking past. In the rush to get my early morning cup of coffee down at the cafe and my mind on other things.  Lack of Caffeine will do that.



Details and Patterns


But when I paused.

Walked across the road.

Got quite close.

Then,  I saw some wonderful details and delightful patterns.






I used this image and a few others I took on my “coffee walk”   as springboards for  some flower doodles in watercolor and markers.  Upcoming soon….



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