Blue and Orange Complements

In landscapes, paints, flowers…. my eye is always drawn to the blue/orange complement combination. The land around Perth, up north near Kalbarri has beautiful and rich terracotta tones. Perfect, inspirations.     Land and Sea Complements   The boulders and escarpments….. Fiery orange. That ignites the earth when the last light of the sun touchesContinue reading “Blue and Orange Complements”

Gardens in Color!

Gorgeous rich ruby red stalks splaying out in verticals and diagonals. The reds, a perfect foil to the citrine green foliage. Delightful Colors found in the garden.     Illustrations…. This photograph, is one of the few, I would use as a direct source to paint from. It would (and will)  make a lovely illustration, Continue reading “Gardens in Color!”

The Meaning of Doors….

Doors and Windows: they’ve fascinated all of us in one way or another for centuries. I’ve chosen them, as the Theme, for Term 1,  2018. Why? They’re interesting to paint, with great shapes and designs. However, its more than just that.     Art. Its not enough, just to paint pretty.  The aim is toContinue reading “The Meaning of Doors….”

Gardens by the Bay: Face Time

The faces we see. Passing us by. On the walls, crouched in canoes, rising tall as totems. More faces, mirrored in the deep ebony ponds.Perhaps, even a few faces planted somewhere in the gardens. What a wonderful joy to find faces in the Cloud Dome at the Gardens by the Bay. It is …… SingaporeContinue reading “Gardens by the Bay: Face Time”

Cobalt Teal, Naples Yellow, Red and Black

Colors talk.  Colors communicate. They evoke specific moods and messages that are quite clear. Nature uses color all the time, very effectively, to communicate.       Color Communication   One of the most effective forms of expression. No ‘words’ needed. Just the colors.       Creative Artist Expression As Artists…. We can cleverlyContinue reading “Cobalt Teal, Naples Yellow, Red and Black”

Unity….. imagine

I love this photograph of a pelican my daughter took while at the Perth zoo. It almost looked like an eagle’s wing, at first.  Massive and beautiful. The wing,  filled with black and white feathers joined together.   Imagine…….       The day wasn’t  bright nor shining. No. More the kind that haunts inContinue reading “Unity….. imagine”

Bird of Paradise in my Garden

Birds of Paradise in my Garden. I caught this just after a short burst of rain during the night. Those morning rain droplets playing upon the stem,  were simply irresistible.   Bird of Paradise in the Garden   Strelitzia  also known as ….  Bird of Paradise. And reminds me just a little of our recentContinue reading “Bird of Paradise in my Garden”

Impressionist Watercolor Hills

One painting – 3 views. It never ceases to delight me how with just a simple little change – a subject can be significantly altered. A tiny miracle within my grasp. I like it.     Watercolor Hills view 1 I’ve always been rather partial to the square format.     view 2 Panoramic  Continue reading “Impressionist Watercolor Hills”