Control Freak – Pros and Cons

“Control”  Many of us, don’t like that word! But, Control in balance is a good thing.  It does have its assets and its liabilities.   Its about Control By nature, I’m a wee bit of a control freak. Maybe I’ve tried to deny it. Perhaps I’ve ignored it. But, I’m pretty sure, I am inContinue reading “Control Freak – Pros and Cons”

New Watercolor Brush

I made a purchase I thought I’d most likely regret. But for $12.99 I was willing to take the risk!       Watercolor Brushes I’ve been using and recommending the Rekab 320s #2 squirrel watercolor brush for 20+ years. Many of my Art Basics,  watercolor posts have the brush mentioned, frequently.     NewContinue reading “New Watercolor Brush”

Creating Uniquely Original Content: Horses

How do I do it? How do I find subjects that are truly, uniquely Mine? I use my filters. Not my ipad, PS filters. But just the way I look intently at everything. I go on zen strolls.  I take photos of things, people and animals that,  I am in love with.      Continue reading “Creating Uniquely Original Content: Horses”

‘Dry Bushland’ Landscape in Oils

Walking on the edge of Autumn, is a wonderfully creative zone to be in. Cool mornings finally settle into place. Scorches of summer heat have scarred the land however, in monochromatic crisp browns. I left early for my walk, grateful for the invigorating morning air and full of curiosity. Wondering. What things of interest mightContinue reading “‘Dry Bushland’ Landscape in Oils”

Lovely Lines in Art

I love to see a balance of directional Lines in my compositions, photos, drawings and watercolor paintings.  The 3 directional lines are: Horizontal lines, Vertical lines and Diagonal lines. See if you can find these in the 3 images I’ve featured.   Design Element Lines After the previous post on the watercolor  3 basic typesContinue reading “Lovely Lines in Art”

The 3 Edges of Watercolor

Watercolors can be simplified into 3 basic edges soft, medium and sharp.  And the tricky edge… is of course the in between one.  Come on and I’ll explain a few fast beginner pointers that will help! Watercolor – Soft edges,  Medium edges, Hard edges Why should we care about watercolor edges?  What is the relevance?Continue reading “The 3 Edges of Watercolor”

Wednesday Watercolors: Fun with Brushes

I love a Good watercolor brush! It dances along and is in complete harmony with your arm, shoulder and mind. Perfect relaxing unity. Thats how its meant to be! I’ll share a few of my top brushes and explain  why and how they work for me.   We all will have our own favorites, of courseContinue reading “Wednesday Watercolors: Fun with Brushes”

Watercolour Guide Beginners Materials

Secrets… I don’t have any I won’t share!  I’m quite happy to pass along the art tips, techniques and shortcuts I’ve learned over the years….with a little ‘mini’  Watercolour Guide.   Art Materials for Watercolour Beginners What should I buy?  Where do I find them?   Start Slow and Build Up Should I get allContinue reading “Watercolour Guide Beginners Materials”