Impressionist Watercolor Landscape (artistic license)

Its about artistic freedom, artist license. The joy of expressing in paints, brushstrokes, color, the things you’d like to say with words… but can’t.   Communicate Through the Arts   Perfect If I was a singer, maybe the words would be clear and perfect. And elegant, eloquent, full ranged.  Sounding lovely and lyrical. But then,Continue reading “Impressionist Watercolor Landscape (artistic license)”

Landscape in Blue

Landscape in Blue. Lone tree rising,  somber.  Where, is the foliage?     Monoprinting in Blue While this is not really a recent work,  the  monoprint was done in the past 24 months.     Our class topic at the time was on using color and line, format, and subject placement to create a ‘feeling’Continue reading “Landscape in Blue”

Its Not Too Quiet Here

A zen kind of day. Contentedness…. in the calm.         There is a lovely balance found here;  out in this soft delicacy and peacefulness. Its not too quiet, no. I don’t think so. Not at all.       I Steal Time. I sneak away. To find hidden places within this city’sContinue reading “Its Not Too Quiet Here”

The Challenge – Watercolors

Its a challenge, yes. But wouldn’t it be just a little bit boring without a challenge or two?! So far in my “Master Color” course we’ve been proceeding along in segments. It makes it easier. While I’m purposely creating this post for my Tuesday class, “MASTER COLOR”  don’t let that stop you from joining inContinue reading “The Challenge – Watercolors”

Colorful Brushstrokes

Breaking the rules. With decisive,  powerful brushstrokes. Colorful brushstrokes.     A Bridge of Prussian Blue These two big sweeping strokes of Prussian blue unite the image.   The background was quite jarring, overly full of lively textures.  And, it was so warm. This is generally not in keeping with a balanced sense of harmonyContinue reading “Colorful Brushstrokes”

Skies Above

Very Simple… in design.  Full of Atmosphere and dialogue. I find it calming, serene and relaxing to look upon. Relaxing. With just the merest hint of energy in the deep waters, to prevent any boredom from setting in.     Skies Above I wonder.  If more of us painted, more of us drew, more of usContinue reading “Skies Above”