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bright bird of paradise greeting cards, debi riley art, flower cards for Mothers day, Society 6,

What a fantastic week!!  I’ve really had a great deal of fun with all the splashing of colors and paint around.  Green, yellow, coral rose, prussian blue and cobalt teal blue as well, of course!


Society 6 debiriley art, watercolor tropical jungle green leaves,
Debi Riley Tropical Leaves Society 6








New Art Works

I’ve enjoyed a fabulous time creating dozens of new paintings and designs recently.


Having  Society 6   (an International online shop) as an Outlet  for my work,  has actually inspired me  into the more prolific approach to art making I used to enjoy.

Rather than feel pressured, I feel energised to create something New. Something exciting.

Something better,   (hopefully)   each time.



scarlet tote bag, debi riley art society 6,
Scarlet Bag


To be honest, in hindsight I can see that things weren’t quite the same. Moving across a country can do that,  sometimes.

My ultra prolific approach had dimmed a bit.  Thus, so too did my enthusiasm to a certain degree.



Previously,   I did everything  hands on.  “Old School.”

Physically…. Take it to the gallery, take it to the Exhibition.  All my art sales were via the galleries and exhibitions.

SO Easy!

But, once here,  I was a little unprepared for the lack of such easy access to what I was accustomed to.       Especially as I did virtually, nothing online.


Its still  is taking me ages to prep, load, enter the designs onto the shop site. But, its only been just a few weeks. So, with Practice…. I’ll get faster.



Having an outlet once more is a wonderful way to recapture some of the enthusiasm!


bright bird of paradise greeting cards, debi riley art, flower cards for Mothers day, Society 6,
Bright Bird of Paradise Greeting Cards


A big thank you.

To everyone who have been so quick to go and look at the shop and make some generous purchases already as well!


That,   is a lovely encouragement.




The link to my shop  –

Society 6 debiriley 




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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at and,

58 thoughts on “New Debi Riley Art

  1. There are some of your paintings that are my absolute favorites, will you be adding more as the need (or hints) arise? A question for you, do you think that it will be far easier to do this self-promoting on-line or like you used to?

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    1. Margaret…. hint away!! I am happy to have your suggestions. Thank you!!!
      My goal is to add, 3-5 new designs per week.
      given my own nature, NOT so very computer savvy…. it was easier the old way. But, we live in an ONline world. I have to do it.

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    1. That is a GREAT Question!!
      the beauty is…. I do not have to make the bags, the clocks, iphone covers, cushions, shirts – none! 🙂
      I CREATE the Design. and the company manufactures all the products and ships them worldwide. I’m pleased with that.

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  2. Beautiful work Deby as always! I love everything you usually do! And congratulations for your nice Society 6 Shop I am on Etsy for my jewelry but I was thinking to open a shop on Society 6 too, from a long time. One dedicated to my Art, Illustration and Photography and I was debating but I guess I will give it a try what do you suggest? I value your opinion very much! 😉


    1. thank you!!! I’m so far, really pleased with Society 6. as they do the shipping. the making, the billing.
      my life is ‘easier’ so I like it I don’t want to have to post stuff from Australia.
      it would be a logistic time consuming issue for me that I’m not prepared to deal with!
      once I can get up to speed with my computer skills, someday! lol then the loading the images will be perfect!

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      1. Yes Debi I am glad to know that you’re pleased with it and sure the life is much easy this way not too many things to think about it and more time to create which is what we all want! 😉

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      2. thank You! that was really sweet of you to do that 🙂
        I’d put off doing “a shop” due to my total lack of computer skills, and knew just to Jump In would look ‘beginnerish.’ Oh NO!! 🙂
        well, I did it anyway. LOL
        I think with your background, you would really find it easy and great to have access to 20+ different products for an image.

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    1. thank you Jodi for having a look! much appreciate 🙂 I go to yours @ Etsy, and its looking very stocked up. professional and very gorgeous. it is a lovely shop 🙂

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  3. That bag is totally stunning! I just had a browse and “promoted” a bunch of them. I have a feeling you’re going to do really well there, Debi. As you say, it’s an online world now, might as well roll with it!


    1. wow!!! thank you Laura!! that is awesome, I so appreciate that! yippee Sharon alerted me, my bag was a tech computer fail. did not get entered due to my insufficient skills with pixel ratio download etc. so will need to redo the whole thing all over. later this week, when i get more time. peachy!

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      1. You are so busy, you will cope. Would be a good idea to make a little book about these zen paintings and quotes. Today sun is shining, yipee (how do you write this?) Cheers Mitza

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  4. Debi, I wish you every success because you certainly deserve it. Your work is outstanding! You are in a place I only dream of being right now. You have encouraged me greatly! Thank you!! ❤

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    1. Happy May Day to you!
      thank you so much Andrew; I think at this ‘beginning point’ it (Society 6) is a catalyst and a channel.
      An outlet to get to market my art work once more. I needed that. 🙂

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      1. the $ royalty from a print, I can determine myself. $5 – $100 or up
        But, I chose to start medium/low compared to others with some years of Soc6 experience.
        But will … later increase my margin.

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  5. You made me aware of Society 6. Thanks heaps for that Debi 😃
    Wishing you every success with online. Times do change and I enjoy your sense of humor with it!

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