Rose, Gold and Green: A Colorful Window

Balmain NSW colorful stain glass window,

Strolling along the lush tree lined, cool side streets of Balmain N.S.W.,  last month provided quite a few treasures. One of these was this jewel-like window, a stunning stained glass design of bright emerald and rose and garnet hues. The lovely golden topaz rectangular band anchored the design perfectly.

Balmain NSW colorful stain glass window,
Balmain Colorful Window

Perhaps I edged a tiny bit,  closer to their window than I should have. Maybe….

My excuse?  My lens was a 50mm not a zoom. So, how else could I possibly do justice to the beauty of this exquisite color filled window?

Impossible, I say!   Thank goodness no one came running out, demanding to know what I was doing.

I will say its a lucky thing I’m an art teacher…. for I have needed to mention all my credentials to such inquiring persons in the past.



Design Notes

If you refer back to Shaken Not Stirred post,  you’ll find that image also has a golden rectangular band in its design.


Right along the very top, the narrow strip running across the paper is the long thin rectangle.  These shapes are quite useful in your compositions.


As horizontals – they can Anchor shapes, so they appear to be weighted down and not ‘float.’ They’re useful directional lines to create a feeling of calmness and serenity.



Design Ideas and Learning Tools 

What you could start to do… is cut out a rectangle shape in white, soft green, rose, topaz, lilac, etc.

Then as you are drawing your compositions,  try out the rectangular shapes in various areas to see how it looks.


Windows, houses,  fences, doors all makes fabulous subjects for not just photographs but printmaking, drawing and painting.

Perhaps its due to the symbolism inherent within these objects.  Or maybe the line work and detail captures the  mind’s eye.


At any rate, any time you are at a loss for subject material – a window, a door, a part of a house will always provide plenty of inspiration!



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    1. thanks Mitza! normally, I go for nature and landscapes; but that trip – I went with what was available at that time. So glad I didn’t get antsy and sulky about No Landscape scenery. hehehe

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  1. It’s always to find objects that inspires. They are everywhere. This stained glass window is exceptional. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about art inspiration.

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