Trees: ink, light and feeling

Feeling the trees with ink and light. Brushes and skewers, are used lightly softly. The black ink diluted in many tones, plays upon the dampened paper.       Trees in Ink   You never know, just what may come about, what may emerge. A surprise each time.   Many surprises are wonderful. And manyContinue reading “Trees: ink, light and feeling”

Unity….. imagine

I love this photograph of a pelican my daughter took while at the Perth zoo. It almost looked like an eagle’s wing, at first.  Massive and beautiful. The wing,  filled with black and white feathers joined together.   Imagine…….       The day wasn’t  bright nor shining. No. More the kind that haunts inContinue reading “Unity….. imagine”

Patterns In Black and White

As much as I Love color….. sometimes black and white art images can appeal just as much to me. Floral Pattern Black and White Inspired by a vase overfilled with flowers, this monotype is completely pattern based. It is an abstract, most definitely. And as such, I thought it would make a great design forContinue reading “Patterns In Black and White”