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Trees: ink, light and feeling

Trees: ink, light and feeling

Feeling the trees with ink and light.

Brushes and skewers, are used lightly softly.

The black ink diluted in many tones, plays upon the dampened paper.



ink trees in black, tree reflections, inktober, debiriley.com
Ink Trees


Trees in Ink


You never know, just what may come about, what may emerge.

A surprise each time.


Many surprises are wonderful.

And many are also oops and border right on the cusp of utter disaster.


But I try to give the positive experience, that creative moment at hand,  my entire focus.

And disregard the negatives.




inked up trees, debiriley.com
inked up trees



black and white ink, ink chop carved, debiriley.com
Ink chop Black and White









Unity….. imagine

I love this photograph of a pelican my daughter took while at the Perth zoo.

It almost looked like an eagle’s wing, at first.  Massive and beautiful.

The wing,  filled with black and white feathers joined together.




pelican wing feathers, black and white photograph, unity, debiriley.com



The day wasn’t  bright nor shining.


More the kind that haunts in a dark looming way.



even in the darkness,

the evidence of hope

within those entwined and linked feathers

-heedless of their differences-

is there, for us to see.





we can

imagine –














Frayed Its Monday

Frayed Its Monday

Frayed.  A beautifully textured black and white photograph.


For Monday.



black and white photograph of frayed ropes, textures in black and white, debiriley.com
Frayed its Monday



Black and White Photograph

I used my old Canon 600d with a 100mm macro lens for this.

Alterations were made when processing it later on the computer.


A relatively simple subject, close up, that I hoped would portray the richness of  detail and texture seen.




Learning Points

  • depth was created, with its: background-middleground-foreground
  • conveying a story, or a message with art through subject choice & palette choice
  • black and white imagery creates a very powerful form of communication
  • the very high ratio of texture is balanced, calmed by monochrome approach




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Black and White photographs

In Harmony  multi-colored twine and ropes on the fence




coloured patterns of twine debiriley.com
Many Colors and Patterns of Twine




Patterns In Black and White

Patterns In Black and White

As much as I Love color….. sometimes black and white art images can appeal just as much to me.

floral patterns in black and white, monotypes on japanese paper, debiriley.com
Floral Pattern BW, debiriley.com (c)

Floral Pattern Black and White

Inspired by a vase overfilled with flowers, this monotype is completely pattern based.

It is an abstract, most definitely.

And as such, I thought it would make a great design for my shop products.  So when I’m finally up and running, this is one that’s going to be earmarked …get ‘readied.’



I’m quite enthused about monotypes.  It’s one of my favourite forms of creating art. The process is always an adventure, and something…wonderful seems to always happen!


They’re fast, fun and prolific.

You nearly always get more treasures than expected with this process.

I think of it as a Gold Mine.