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Addictive, Sheer Fun … Monoprinting

Addictive, Sheer Fun … Monoprinting

Addictive, yes.  But in a such a good way!

This is the kind of Addiction, that is good for us.



monoprinting in blue, handprinting, abstractions in prussian blue, debiriley.com
Sheer Fun……..     Monoprinting by Maureen

Monotypes and Monoprints

These were the focus for this week’s process…. at work.


They are two of the best techniques that I’ve used in sessions that always help participants let loose.

To let go.


To disentangle themselves from the rigidity of standards, regulations, rules.

And the demands of that voice within that whispers,

Where is, The Product?

and …   how Good, is it, really?”



Yes.  Monotypes and Monoprints are my ‘go to’  topics for when, the group needs to be encouraged to –   just let go.



monotype handprinting, purple floral patterns, fun art techniques, debiriley.com
Florals by Sue, monotype handprinting



Process  and Product

I love to encourage “process.”

“Process focus”  defeats fear.


Students, usually love to follow after the Product.

“Product focus,”   generally …. increases the likelihood of tenseness, fear, anxiousness.


Thus,  you can see the motivation  I have behind my strongly ‘Process based’  courses.



When we do monoprinting…. it is about the process.

And, wonderfully,   a plethora of prints pile up!

Not all are Rembrants.  Not all are ok.

But when we get a couple out of 10 that are pleasing,  how Lovely.

A bonus.





handprint on Stonehenge paper, still life subject monoprint, black ink on grey paper, debiriley.com
Monoprint on Stonehenge,  A sublime bouquet…. Libby



Drawn onto the glass plate, (with a palette knife inked up)  then, the print was pulled.

A still life bouquet emerged.

Like magic.



A flick of the knife here and there.

Implies a vase is resting on a table.

With a few scatterings of leaves and a floral shape or two.

There is mystery here.

Inferences and subtle suggestions.



This is very zen,  very wabi sabi.      

Nothing…. is All spelled out for us.

We must, engage.

Enter the scene.

and so – we stay awhile, to figure it out.


Well done Libby!!



monotype in black ink, powerful design, fun art techniques, debiriley.com
same image, look now for a seated woman


Another Perspective


If,  you now look at the top a shape emerges as a head.

Maybe she wears a cap or beret?   Her face, well only the mouth can be seen….. as she glances over to our right.


And her body and torso angle downwards to our right.

It seems as though, she may be wearing a belted dress, or coat.


She appears to have a large fluffy scarf or hat perhaps upon her lap.

And , and (her right)  shoulder extends out and then in.

As if its then resting on her hip.

Is she  standing or is she seated….?



This type of image is the kind that makes for Excellent series.

You can do, hundreds of creative things with it.


Thats why its so important, to stop.  To pause.

To leave it alone.

To come back later with fresh eyes.

You can then fully harness its potential, rather than spoiling it by fiddling about.   



monotype handprinting, green prints of water, debiriley.com
Transitions of Greens, Joyce …monotype


The silken smooth dark to light transition of greens is really quite lovely.

Near black the dark green in foreground has a wonderful sense of depth.  The print pales off into the distance, allowing the viewer to travel through the image.  Even though, it is not quite finished, not quite representational – still we look and see and feel the depth.    This would be so very easy to return to, and put in just a couple of touches to ‘finish.’   Lovely.




monotype in blue, blue tree print, handprinting for beginners, debiriley.com
Lauren’s Leaning tree, Monotype


The blue knobby tree was handprinted.

Lauren used prussian blue ink,  a  Qtip  of all things,   was used to apply and draw the ink onto the plate.







All of these images, were so very kindly allowed onto my website by my class students.


….. please note that they are the owners of the images, with the sole right to copy, duplicate, sell or distribute.



Digital piracy is not ok.












Monotype in Red

Monotype in Red

How to get more impact and drama into an art work?

A fast and simple method is to use black and white, with red.

Red, has Power!


monotype process, black and white design on red matt, debiriley.com
Monotype in Red, debiriley.com




This is the original monotype….

It is interesting.  Good design. Nice tonal values.  Good perimeter edges.

But,  I do much prefer the impact of the RED matt surrounding it as shown in the featured image.


monochrome monotype, field of flowers, art in black and white, debiriley.com
Monochrome Medley, Field of Flowers, debiriley.com



Have a quick look at the first post with the other presentation options from a couple weeks back,  Presentation Options   it will give you more ideas!





Patterns In Black and White

Patterns In Black and White

As much as I Love color….. sometimes black and white art images can appeal just as much to me.

floral patterns in black and white, monotypes on japanese paper, debiriley.com
Floral Pattern BW, debiriley.com (c)

Floral Pattern Black and White

Inspired by a vase overfilled with flowers, this monotype is completely pattern based.

It is an abstract, most definitely.

And as such, I thought it would make a great design for my shop products.  So when I’m finally up and running, this is one that’s going to be earmarked …get ‘readied.’



I’m quite enthused about monotypes.  It’s one of my favourite forms of creating art. The process is always an adventure, and something…wonderful seems to always happen!


They’re fast, fun and prolific.

You nearly always get more treasures than expected with this process.

I think of it as a Gold Mine.


Close Your Eyes, for just a moment

Close Your Eyes, for just a moment

Too busy, too rushed. Its like this nearly every Holiday isn’t it?

But here, is a wonderful thing I can do – so can you, to bring a moment of calm to the holiday hustle.

Just… close your eyes.


monotype painting, woman, calmness, debiriley.com
For a Moment, Close your eyes….  art image monotype technique


Calm… Closing your eyes

30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds.

Of eyes closed.

Letting myself wander to some forest I’ve walked. Some mountain stream I’ve waded. A cool cobalt teal river I’ve floated down.




It is a beautiful thing, this Closing of Eyes.

For just a moment.

Just to be Restored. Refreshed. Invigorated.

And then, back to the tasks at hand.



Monotype Portrait Process

This art image was created using the monotype process.


  1. On a glass plate I drew/painted the woman using big, old brushes with my black printing ink.

2. I had no reference in front of me.  Just what was in my memory banks from looking at a lot of my family’s very old photos.   So, really… this was created from “my imagination.


3. This portrait, is a rarity for me. I do not do people.  Its not my thing. I’m more into abstracts, color and the landscape. You Know!


4. Using the bigger brushes I felt would help me not fiddle. Would help in the mood I wanted to create:  vintage, old fashioned, a look of softness,  of gentler times.


5. I used oil inks. Its HOT here, I needed to have more time to draw the subject up before the Perth heat dried the ink out.


6. Placing the Masa paper over the plate

7. I then used a wooden spoon to gently rub the ink onto the paper.

8. The first print was too dark, imo.   This is the second and the final print. It came out a wee bit lighter. Not so heavy and I like it better.


9. Once it was downloaded, I placed in onto a greyed green matt with the photo editor. The other colors white, black, tan, red  I  tried did not suit.

10. Next were the rectangular shapes in dove grey.  Vertical.  I love how the verticals direct the viewers’ eyes where I wish.


11. Last.  The text.

I tried a number of fonts, until I finally found “Snell Roundhand.”  It worked.

Again,  using the Vertical design aspect… I placed the text in the vertical long box. With Close at the top. I wanted to break up the text.  This, would also help ‘guide’ the viewers’ eyes in.





Even though, I know I’m a colorist, loving landscapes – I really don’t mind this foray into black and white. Portrait to boot.

*It has conveyed a time and place.

It has captured a mood and atmosphere that I find charming.

Relaxing. Gentle. Calming.




A painting, can be successful even if there are a few technical imperfections.

IF,  it has been able to bring forth a response from the viewer.

 If it  Touches them in some way.      




Close Your Eyes…… 

for a moment




Cheers, Debi





Love: we don’t need another gadget

Love: we don’t need another gadget

The most enduring possession we have or could ask for: Love

We don’t need another gadget.  Another cup. Another ‘thing.’

What most of us seriously – really need.

Is Love.


Holiday greeting, Love Joy Peace, monotype, red flowers still life, debiriley.com
Love Joy in Red, debiriley.com



Love is, compassion. And mercy and empathy.

I often heard my father say to us, “Until you walk a mile in their shoes……”

Then, he left it right there.  He never needed to finish his sentence.


Love Speaks

So even though,  I may not understand  the present circumstance someone may be in and is feeling –  I can – hold out a hand, a thought.





About the Featured Image – Joy Peace Love


This image is a monotype using Masa paper to hand print on.

For the vase and the other hints of blue I used prussian blue pb27 watersoluble printing ink.

The red ink was a very old tube of watersoluble printing ink, the label long worn away. Its probably Speedball, I think.

The inside white matt I have used a dimpled rough paper, Fabriano rough.  The deep scarlet red outer matting was done with my photo editor.    I chose to leave quite a bit of space with this RED Scarlet matt.



I wanted the emphasis to be on RED.

Red is symbolic for many reasons – love, offerings, giving of self.  But also power, authority, rulership.

Each of us, will have slightly different interpretations of this image and its innate symbolic meanings.

We will often be completely unaware, on the surface,  how we are responding to these symbolic elements.  Until we pause. And reflect on them. Asking.





The art of giving 

Red scarlet love  

Monotypes   peace and zen

Monotypes     red roses

Love Touches 

Love  touch and create, with these Hands

Love  bright and lovely the children




Love:  we don’t NEED another gadget, do we?




Simplicity: Red Roses, Blue Vase

Simplicity: Red Roses, Blue Vase



My chosen words for the day.

floral rose monotype, simplicity, zen minimalism, red white and blue palette, debiriley.com
Red Roses, Blue Vase, debiriley.com


Those words,  I feel suit my mood and the dialogue.


Is More.




Red Roses

The flowers,  are portions –  from my fish shop’s wonderful rose bouquet of yesterday.


I have used  my photographs that I took at the shop.  I have a ‘connection.’


And I place emphasis on the word….. Use.

I’ve used them as  tools.  As aids.  As helpers.

They,  are to work for Me!



I’ve selected, rearranged and grouped the elements as I saw fit.

As it pleased me to do so.



In other words…. I’ve been ‘influenced’ by my photos. But, I’ve not been the slave of the photos nor  ‘their myriad of precious tiny details.’

They serve me.  I am their Director…….  Not the other way around.


This, is How, I can achieve a minimalist approach.




Monotypes  Monoprints


Monoprints, monotypes.  Nearly everyone uses those 2 words interchangeably. But, a monoprint is meant to be done in a Series.  Whilst a monotype is normally a  “One Off.”  (with a ghost print.)



My art image has been done using the monotype process using watersoluble inks.

I painted the subject onto the glass plate first, using the inks. Then carefully laid my printing paper over the inked/painted plate and rubbed with a wooden spoon to capture the image.

Once I lifted the paper, I could see the striations, colors, textures and variations of tones upon the paper.

Monotypes are great fun.  My class will be doing a couple of weeks of these experiments.



Have fun and Loosen Up!

There are many ways, techniques to use for Monotypes.

I’m Definitely, going to try a few more!


I love how monotypes can be so versatile, simple, fun and loose.

Perfect technique to help loosen people up, and become more Impressionist.  More color and movement oriented.


Simply…. Fun!



crimson roses photography, rose bouquet painting monotype, creative art, debiriley.com
Crimson Roses