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Frayed Its Monday

Frayed Its Monday

Frayed.  A beautifully textured black and white photograph.


For Monday.



black and white photograph of frayed ropes, textures in black and white, debiriley.com
Frayed its Monday



Black and White Photograph

I used my old Canon 600d with a 100mm macro lens for this.

Alterations were made when processing it later on the computer.


A relatively simple subject, close up, that I hoped would portray the richness of  detail and texture seen.




Learning Points

  • depth was created, with its: background-middleground-foreground
  • conveying a story, or a message with art through subject choice & palette choice
  • black and white imagery creates a very powerful form of communication
  • the very high ratio of texture is balanced, calmed by monochrome approach




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In Harmony  multi-colored twine and ropes on the fence




coloured patterns of twine debiriley.com
Many Colors and Patterns of Twine




Colorful Brushstrokes

Colorful Brushstrokes

Breaking the rules.

With decisive,  powerful brushstrokes. Colorful brushstrokes.


colorful abstract acrylic, prussian blue pb27, warm and cool colors, debiriley.com
Colorful Powerful Brushstrokes in Acrylics


A Bridge of Prussian Blue

These two big sweeping strokes of Prussian blue unite the image.


The background was quite jarring, overly full of lively textures.  And, it was so warm.

This is generally not in keeping with a balanced sense of harmony and unification, that I’m looking for in a painting.


The ‘rules’  …. say warmer colors in front and cooler in back; textures and details in front, less in the back.

The orange and yellow normally would belong in the foreground area of a painting.

The lively textures also, usually are placed in the foreground and the focal point area.


I resolved the dilemma.

With 2 strokes.





But, I had to pause. And think about it.

I needed to allow my mind to sort through ideas.


Such as:  How can I balance all that texture?  All that warmth?  What about using the complement of the orange? Well, then… which Blue would work best? Which Brush, do I want to use?  Which direction to move it in? Go bold, go lyrical, go with curves, go with angles?

You see, I needed to ponder a moment.




My Choices

I chose Prussian Blue pb27, a favorite.

It is Bold. Decisive!


I chose an old stiff, housepaint brush, which would leave strong bristle marks.


I chose to limit drastically my brushstrokes. “Less, is more” is a great motto.

I chose to unite these two strokes, bridge-like.


An Embrace.

To create a sense of harmony, unity.  I think it worked.