Trees: ink, light and feeling

Trees: ink, light and feeling

Feeling the trees with ink and light.

Brushes and skewers, are used lightly softly.

The black ink diluted in many tones, plays upon the dampened paper.



ink trees in black, tree reflections, inktober,
Ink Trees


Trees in Ink


You never know, just what may come about, what may emerge.

A surprise each time.


Many surprises are wonderful.

And many are also oops and border right on the cusp of utter disaster.


But I try to give the positive experience, that creative moment at hand,Β  my entire focus.

And disregard the negatives.




inked up trees,
inked up trees



black and white ink, ink chop carved,
Ink chop Black and White









15 thoughts on “Trees: ink, light and feeling

  1. I have been playing with ink some lately too – another online class hosted by Carla Sonheim, this one was with Lendon Noe. We used mixed media such as inks with poetry. Another fabulous class that I hope to explore in more detail. I really like your trees and the effect you achieved. Bravo!! πŸŒ²πŸ‘


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