Palette Knife Acrylic Abstract… “Scorched Wings of Icarus”

palette knife acrylic abstract, Greek mythology, Icarus, inspirations to paint,

I prefer the title, “Scorched Wings of Icarus.”

How about you?



palette knife acrylic abstract, Greek mythology, Icarus, inspirations to paint,
Scorched Wings of Icarus,      palette knife acrylic abstract


Palette Knife Abstract

I know which title is more ‘relatable,’  more ‘informative’  to the reader.

But which one is likely to generate more,  readers’  interest?   

Readers’  Curiosity?



Scorched Wings of Icarus

How is anyone supposed to figure out what’s actually in the post with a title like that?!

Interesting, but too abstract and open ended, maybe so.

But secretly,  I like this title far better.


I know, I know!!   You’re an artist, creative, imaginative. And your mind just works that way.

I can hear you,  say these things.

As well as,  “We want to know what we’re  clicking on, First!”


I understand……….




Painting Inspirations:

This abstract was inspired and influenced by a few things, people and articles I’ve been reading recently.

As follows:


David Kanigan Miracle. All of It. 

This photograph  with the blazing scarlet sun and the excerpt from Franz Kafka speaking of  ‘flying too close.’

Yes.  They were definitely  influencers.

David Kanigan seems to always come up with some thing,  new or intriguing, or uplifting or just plain humorous for his readers.

Check out his website,  I love his writing –  he writes really well.

Anyway. Go look through his posts.

Be uplifted. Laugh. Smile. Cry. Be humbled. Breathe in Life.




Aquileana  at La Audacia de Aquiles   an  impressive website focusing on Mythology.  Making it modern, entertaining, easy to read,  and Fun!

I’ve been reading her articles for quite some time and always, look forward to the extremely comprehensive and educated efforts she puts forth.

Referenced, with photographs, art works, historical sources, collaborations,etc.,   my  5 Star website to go to for mythology info.

I’ve been especially interested most recently in The Titans.

Who they were, there origins, and who came before them.

Aquileana’s site provides revealing glimpses into the mythical lives of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, The Titans, Olympians, The Muses, The Furies and more.  All, richly described in intimate and living color.


A revealing  read,      Icarus’ Fall….    



Matthew Snowden, palette knife  Artist

The knife can be a blessing or … not.

Beginners often go in too heavy handed.

However that is certainly not the case with Snowden.

He uses the palette knife with sensitivity. Delicacy.

And a Bold Decisiveness where and when it it called for. I most definitely enjoyed his paintings, the slathering on of paint, the sure and swift marks made with the knife.

So strong. So beautiful.




And the last influence.

I needed a brief respite.

As I’m still  plugging away at my rather large post describing/explaining the Zen art “Enso.”


I almost, want to bin it.

But no I won’t, too much is invested now.

You’ll see it, then probably wish you hadn’t,  its way too long!




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17 thoughts on “Palette Knife Acrylic Abstract… “Scorched Wings of Icarus”

  1. Good to be back Debi and exploring all I missed in the” Creative Zone”. Looking forward to visiting the sites you have recommended today and especially your Enso, however long it is, as I know it will be inspirational as all your writing is. Warmest wishes as I warm up the studio for whatever is to come 🙂

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  2. Absolutely sublime, dear Debi… I admire your creativity and talent. Thanks so much for the mention,. . Very much appreaciated and I´ll make sure to make a reference in my upcoming post (last post of the year, quite probably!).. Hugs 😀

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  3. I love this idea. So, you used the pallet and mixed colors? I love playing with those tools in painting. Did you look at a photo, or did it come from imagination? I also am interested in the color pick that you chose. Origionally, with a bright color for the waterfall, this one is dark mabye showing nightime or a darker feeling attached to it? Or was it just mere experimentation? Thank you so much. Check out my recent art for any suggestions or inspirations.

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    1. thanks! purely from my memories and ‘feelings’ from within. I needed a ‘cool down’ so I chose cooler colors as …. it gets HOT here, unlike Olympia Seattle area – where I grew up! The paper was damp, the paint was loaded on the knife, then applied gently, onto the damp surface. I tend to view most work as experimental processes with the focus on getting the maximum amount of enjoyment from each session I can! ie NO stress, just relaxed. (I try) lol thanks and happy NYE cheers, debi


      1. I was Born, in Aberdeen, then lived in the Olympia area til the 90’s I hated the endless days of grey. But I loved fishing and crabbing!! delicious!
        we lived in Sydney for 12 years, loved that. then to TX. then to Perth. Toooo hot. can’t even go outside hot. anyway – the winters here are fantastic 🙂


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