Enso moon: silver

Enso moon: silver

A glimpse is all.

The sliver of enso.

A silvered moonlit night.

Clouds swirl round and round, the pretty moon.



Japanese Zen art, Enso paintings, meditative art, using silver and blue in cloudscapes, debiriley.com
Enso in silvered blues …  a close up Detail, from my Enso painting


So perfect for the Halloween night.



Enso Moon



This is only a very, quick brief look.

A teaser for “Tell All” in the next upcoming post  – The Intriguing Circle in Art – Enso. 

I’ll be providing a much more detailed and far lengthier post,  explaining and describing The Enso.

With a lot more fun images!


So fun,  so Zen,  so Wabi Sabi.     



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