Those Painted Hills

When words of a poet long passed, stir the artist’s soul to create… Create!


poetic interpretation, painted hill, Edwin Curran poet, abstract landscape in color,
Painted Hills, poetic interpretation



Paint the Hills

Inspired with visions created within my mind, of granite layers and colors everywhere.

I’ve interpreted   the poet’s words that paint.

In my own way, impulsively and without thought, this time.




Let go and …


I’m merely responding.

In a  quick flurry.

Of colors. Of strokes that wildly form the hill shape in slashing layers of paint.





Edwin Curran.

A magician with words.

The Painted Hills of Arizona.….. you can read it in my yesterday’s post and perhaps you will see how I was so inspired.







I chose to use white, black, scarlet red, turquoise blue acrylics.

4 very Strong colors, but no more.

(The scarlet red, is powerful. Even a thin line of red can dominate.)

That was plenty.

When the action and the movement of the brush or palette knife is going to be vigorous and lively, I need to at least, limit the colors used.


I used an acrylic paper pad primed for oils and acrylics.

When it was finished, I put a layer of gloss medium over the top to seal it.





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