Filtered light dappled the wonderful trees and foliage. The sun playing hide and seek behind clouds in the afternoon gave glimpses first of bright light and then sudden chilly shadows.

forest landscape acrylic painting with a palette knife,
Forest Landscape Painting



Our spur of the moment trip to the Valley of the Giants, Western Australia  has given me some lovely memories of the high canopy tree top walk. Of course,  I did take just a ‘few photo’  as well.


Creating  the Painting

I wanted to use an existing paper, so that there was a hint of background  there already.

After searching my studio, I found an old 8×10 inch watercolor painting that was just right. Then rinsed most of the paint off.  What paint that was left, became my background for the new painting.


I then painted the trees in acrylics with a palette knife.

It certainly is one way to remember our 900 kilometres in 24 hours trip.

forest landscape, acrylics knife,
Forest Painting “Detail’