Inking Up in October

inking up, inktober, october ink, chinese paper brushes with inks,

Inks on trend….

not that I  ever ‘do what I’m told, or supposed to do.’

But,  I am in the process of “inking up.”


inking up, inktober, october ink, chinese paper brushes with inks,
Inking Up



That’s the start of the process.



Materials for Inking Up


I can’t help but love all my gorgeous papers, inks and brushes and stones. They’re just so lovely!


The  Feel of them, is fabulous.


Slate grey, the ink stone is cool and smooth to the touch.


My Masa papers are slightly velvety, not rough, but with a gentle raspy surface. Which is perfect for the ink. It will absorb, but not act like blotting paper. Nor will it run off, unabsorbed.  I’ve been happy with this paper and its sensitive, versatility.


An old weathered stick gathered from the Pacific NW shores, is worn smooth with the point bluntly tapered. Its not as sharply pointed as my new, fresh skewer.

The first provides a wider, broader line and mark. Perhaps for larger items or things less important.

But the thin, super sharp tipped skewer… it is meant for details. To pull the eye to something important. A focal point.


The chinese brushes, my hakes, and the flat Davinci brush with its silky bristles … lie in wait.

I don’t know yet, what they will be needed for.  I’m sure they will let me know, when the time comes.

Time. Experience. Practice. Mistakes.

With these, you develop that kind of sensitivity to your materials.  And to your subjects.



The stunningly carved head and face of the dragon – lion, really inspires me all on its own.



lion dragon chop, chinese ink chop carved,


Contemplation,   inked up

Every aspect, is considered.

Reflected upon.


I do immerse myself in the process, in the way of the brush.

In the way of the inks. In the way of the materials.


In the Feeling of the subject and materials.

It is, a very non Western way.


It is so much more in tune with the Eastern way of art.

This feels to me,  more liberating.

Expressive.  Expansive.

It works, for me.


Looking forward to inking up, tomorrow!




enso, ink drawing,
enso   and the resting dragon




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