Seven hundred times, I’ve pressed “Publish” and hoped …. for the best.

Sometimes my imagination has a win.

Sometimes, the creative spark has gone walk about.


imagination in art and painting, abstract lily pond in blue oils,
Imagine in the deep


To Imagine …


Regardless of the win or the ‘not so fabulous’ result…. It is about the trying.

The climbing.   Its the Climb…

The persistence.

And the imagination that is inside  All of us.


Asking, to be set free.


That’s what I wish to share with you, today.



Pink Roses oil abstract,
Roses Oil Abstract


4 Abstract Paintings

These 4 oil abstract paintings, were Inspired by nature.

Inspired by my zen strolls through the neighbor’s rose beds, past the local flower gardens and past lily ponds.


lily pond in deep purple, nature photography, cool palette blue green and lavender,
Lily pond   Deep Purple and Blue – PHOTO



blushing rose, neighbours garden roses,
Neighbors Roses….  Blushing at Dawn  PHOTO



In allowing my imagination the freedom to do what it wished, I gave it open ended opportunities.

Opportunities and possibilities my literal representational mind would not, could not see.



When I turn it loose, set no boundaries on my imagination… uncertainties abound.

I don’t know, what I am going to end up with.

It is a Fun surprise.


abstract in oils, imagination in art, prussian blue oils, debiriley.comm
Colors of the Imagination



Yes,  of course, I’ve had the kind of surprises that I scowl at!

They are amusing;  Later.


But, then I get such delightful color blends and imaginative shapes and forms emerge in the other paintings – it makes it all so worthwhile.


It is a risk.    Risks of painting… 

It is a roll of the dice. But oh so fun!




We need not fear,  painting.

We need not fear setting our imaginations   L O O S E.

Nor fear making a mistake. Nor fear someone else, not liking it.


We can look at it,  as if   We Were Cooking.

Sometimes we get the recipe just right, sometimes we don’t.

And even if when we do, still some people just don’t like chocolate and prefer strawberry instead.

Thats ok, thats  their taste.  Their preference.  Right?!




I couldn’t let this 700th post go by without mentioning what to me,

is probably the most important element of art…. our imaginations.


I do hope,  Your Imagination is stirred up and released in whatever art form you create in.

Cheers, Debi



abstract oil painting, blue and lavender palette, swirling colors,
fun…..creative imagination