Ink in October

Old work, remodeled. Some of you, might be smiling about now. At any rate, I always enjoy the challenge of transforming previous, older art images into something different and new. Something with a refreshing look to it, that catches the eye. It IS Possible.       Watercolor and Ink Ink in October   started thisContinue reading “Ink in October”

Black Ink on watercolors

Hints of cobalt teal blue peep through.     Black Ink   Dark intense black ink drawn and splattered across the painted paper. Those dark lines rivet the eye and act like magnets. Some areas of ink were allowed to bleed and merge, just a little.   This was an abstract. Simply fun.  An experiment,Continue reading “Black Ink on watercolors”

Inking Up in October

Inks on trend…. not that I  ever ‘do what I’m told, or supposed to do.’ But,  I am in the process of “inking up.”       That’s the start of the process.     Materials for Inking Up   I can’t help but love all my gorgeous papers, inks and brushes and stones. They’reContinue reading “Inking Up in October”

Ink Falls…. Upon a Page

#Inktober simply can not pass by without my Taking time to allow,  Ink to Fall upon a page       Ink Sticks I thought some of you may be as intrigued with the different types of inks available as I am. So I’ve included this from Wiki.   From Wikipedia:  “There are many typesContinue reading “Ink Falls…. Upon a Page”