Falling….Wet in Wet Watercolors

watercolor mixing techniques, wet in wet technique, mixing greens, debiriley.com

Watercolor Fun!

Wet in Wet is a playful and exciting watercolor technique to use when mixing colors.  It sure beats the boring color wheel approach.


watercolor mixing techniques, Prussian blue pb27, wet in wet technique, mixing greens, debiriley.com
Wet in Wet Watercolor Mixing, debiriley.com



Wet into Wet Watercolor

Wet in wet,  its fun and exciting.  Its not boring. Its a great way to build your skills and Master color!  



Colors Used 

For this image,   I’ve used Maimerblu Watercolor Prussian blue pb27   and

Daniel Smith Watercolor Quinacridone Sienna PO48 PY150 PR209.




Using the wet in wet approach and tilting the paper downwards, allowed for a ‘falling’ look that I quite liked.

It provided movement.  It prevented a stiff, static, solid appearance.



Matting Influences Appearances

I’ve demonstrated previously how matting can enhance an art image.  I’ve done so here as well with boosting the contrasts in the matts.

This, creates the illusion of better depth. Better tonal values. Especially in an image that could use a wee bit more light and a wee bit more deep dark.

I solved the problem!

Well, actually… I camouflaged it. Its like putting make up on.  I’m ok with that.






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26 thoughts on “Falling….Wet in Wet Watercolors

    1. oh boy, for sure, you will LOVE Indanthrone!
      so many things it does 🙂 I do have mayan blue, but I’ve yet to find spectacular in it, with it…. but, I’m sure I can try some more. LOL Indanthrone is a great mixer, with other stainers and TRansparents. FAB color. GO Margaret!! smiling YRF

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      1. way to go! and maybe ? show us your testing results… it would be fab to see a run down on how it looks mixed with a bunch, of differing colors! QS/perm aliz/ultramarine/indanthrone zoisite!

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      2. Oh I just tested a bit today after painting and I am thinking that oh yes….I had already used Mayan Blue and I love it. Very sensitive colors. I used it with Quin. Red and oh my word, it would be beautiful in painting skies. Then I used it with raw sienna…not so much. Then again I think that raw sienna is semi-trans. and I think it probably does best with transparent colors. Anyway when I get some time and experiment I will document and make a post about it.


      3. new idea!! LOL …. what if you got some molding paste and applied to hvy paper or board for textures. dried. then, poured your paints 2-3 Judiciously, over the hills, valleys, crags and rivers? I’ve done this, it is so fun. the mayan blue + rhodonite mix would be pretty i think.

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      4. ooh you are so correct. I have little itsy bits left of perm. rose but I’ll see what I can do to come close and who knows I might get it one of these days. I have spent enough lately, I want my husband to want to keep me around! 😉


  1. Haha, i like how you equating matting to makeup. Sometimes matting it out can make a face, a canvas ‘pop’. I find my eyes are drawn to the light colour as much as the blue tones. Very well blended together as usual 🙂 Hope you are feeling better 🙂

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    1. hi Mabel, thank you for a very thoughtful comment! Yes, its funny but true – getting the art work ‘made up and dressed up’ for presentation makes all the difference! …and thank you Mabel, every day I’m getting stronger 🙂

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  2. Swooooon! And matting does often make such a difference. Love that you were able to keep a couple tiny bits of white even with this wet in wet.

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    1. good morning Jodi J!! thank you 🙂 wet and wet wc with Daniel Smith watercolors is my ‘guilty pleasure’ LOL Its awesome how just 2 colors can do so much. thanks Jodi, and I hope you are well 🙂 cheers, Debi

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    1. thank you Teresa! its been…’developed’ after decades of use, though LOL I don’t say much on IG, but I love looking at your things there too! its harder for me, to type on the smaller device is all. hope you have a Great weekend! cheers, Debi

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  3. I love wet in wet watercolours – I love to watch the colours bleed into each other, change colour and create wonderful shapes and patterns! Your is beautiful!

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    1. thank you so much Evelyn! wet in wet has been such a fav for that very reason. in a way, its kind of like a magic show isn’t it?!! 🙂 thanks! cheers, Debi

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      1. I did little project with my grade one class where we coloured fish (with wax crayons) and then did blue and green washes over them. The kids were so pleased and the pictures were impressive. Very underwatery.

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