Watercolor Fun!

Wet in Wet is a playful and exciting watercolor technique to use when mixing colors.  It sure beats the boring color wheel approach.


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Wet in Wet Watercolor Mixing, debiriley.com



Wet into Wet Watercolor

Wet in wet,  its fun and exciting.  Its not boring. Its a great way to build your skills and Master color!  



Colors Used 

For this image,   I’ve used Maimerblu Watercolor Prussian blue pb27   and

Daniel Smith Watercolor Quinacridone Sienna PO48 PY150 PR209.




Using the wet in wet approach and tilting the paper downwards, allowed for a ‘falling’ look that I quite liked.

It provided movement.  It prevented a stiff, static, solid appearance.



Matting Influences Appearances

I’ve demonstrated previously how matting can enhance an art image.  I’ve done so here as well with boosting the contrasts in the matts.

This, creates the illusion of better depth. Better tonal values. Especially in an image that could use a wee bit more light and a wee bit more deep dark.

I solved the problem!

Well, actually… I camouflaged it. Its like putting make up on.  I’m ok with that.