This is really just a bit of Blue…. zen.

Or as my friend might say, “bliss.” Summer time bliss.


blue light, blue water, blue painting mixed media,
Light on the Water, Blue …..  prints are available




The Light of Blue

The lights that seemingly play upon the waters, soothe and relax.


I could easily think of times past, floating upon blue rivers on a lovely summers day.


Well, near enough to carefree.

And I certainly made the most of those hours I did get to spend,  drifting down the river.



Blue is Creative

The snarky side grumbles, “Can’t do that now.”

I hear myself say.

But wait. Then again…. Yes.

Yes I can.


You see, I just did!

The mind, the imagination is a powerful force.

So even though one may no longer run a 20 mile marathon, dive the seven seas, ski the black diamond slopes with wild abandon any longer……. physically

if  I can imagine it, If I can envision it, then my mind tells me I am doing it.

A physical limitation, does not govern my entire being. It does not rule – me –



So Just by the Looking at these Blue Tropical Colors, Just by the Imagining ….. I am snorkelling the warm tropical waters off the coast of Jamaica, near the tiny village of Negril.

Calm. Refreshed. Relaxed.

It is delightful!


watercolor blues, tropical ocean colors, cerulean, cobalt, teal, color mixes,
Tropical Blues…. (c)      prints available




These images are available as prints, cards, etc,  at debijriley     and

debiriley @ 


In an upcoming post,  I’ll be showing the fun things I’ve been “imagining and creating”  while lounging away on my recovery station aka my bed!

There are some lovely art pieces.

So, even cooped up, I haven’t been completely without art,  by any means.




The Power of Blue.

Indanthrone, Prussian, Ultramarine, Cerulean, Phalo, Cobalt, Cobalt Teal Blue, Indigo…….these are my core basic blues.

My favorites that I need.

I love that there are so many hues and shades of blue, so many changing faces of  blue.


I find its power is in its  ability to create and transform.

Not just the painting, the image, but the artist and the viewers.


Blue is a vital foundation color that I have 3x more of than any other color!

For good reason.

With many Blues, I can say and do, mix and Create so many things.




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