Watercolor Tile on Hot Press Paper

watercolor abstracts, watercolour tile, fun painting, debiriley.com

Just a bit of Silliness on a Sunday. I think we are so long, overdue.

Nearly forgot how long its really been. I think the last fun we had with our “Silly Saturdays” was way back  – before November.


watercolor abstracts, watercolour tile, fun painting, debiriley.com
Hot Press Paper, Watercolor Tile debiriley.com



So, its just a short post. On a Sunday and not …Silly Saturday. 


I used Hot Press paper  because it normally makes the color intensity a wee bit brighter. More Intense.

The charcoal was done at the end, to accent areas here and there.

The tile was put together by taking photographs. Rotating and cropping to a seamless unity.


Fast. Short and simple.



Silly Sunday.

More please.





  1. beautiful, creative and just a touch of silly 😉 I have never used hot pressed paper, brighter? oh my….now I need to get a sheet. I have heard that color spreads like crazy but then it all depends on the subject and how loose you want to be, right? Have a wonderful day! How is the healing?


  2. No silliness here. The creative zone at its best. Thanks for the link to your instagram account. What joy seeing all of your work on on one page. Inspiring me as always. You are obviously recovering well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very thoughtful Andrew. Thank You – recovering is going well. You know, I was a bit shocked when I found the last Silly Saturday was months ago. We … all… need just a wee bit more, I will try to do so. lol Are You, on IG Andrew?

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  3. Are you analyzing me. I thought it was a single water color and said…oh…I like the symmetry…woooowwww…that is very symmetrical! She made an ink blot. Wonder what I see in the ink blot. How did she get that so symmetrical?…THEN I read your post. Giggle.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. hey, that is pretty cool Charlie!
        much better than what I saw (after you mentioned looking, I looked.)
        it sort of looked like a wacky sun exploding.
        Well. today will be so much different I assure you! LOL

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