7 Ways of Watercolor: Color Mastery

7 Tips to Master Color, watercolor painting techniques, color mixing, debiriley.com

Short and Sweet.

The Holidays are Here!


7 Tips to Master Color, watercolor painting techniques, color mixing, debiriley.com
7 Tips Mastering Color, debiriley.com


7 Tips: Mastering Color


Festively dressed in Santa’s colors, my beginners’   Mastering Color – 7 Tips   looks ready for the Holidays.


Mastering Color, Part 1

As a prelude to Term 1 Mastering Color at Atwell Gallery,  I’ve composed 7 Easy Tips for Beginners.


There will be more tips, information and mini posts on COLOR, as the new year and this new Color course progresses in 2017.

These tips and pointers will help ‘point’ beginners  onto a smoother path on their fun and color filled,  Watercolor journey.




Helpful ‘follow on’  Watercolor Beginner Basic posts:


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Watercolor Beginners: Paint with Just 3 Colours



Final Tips


My all time #1 recommended paper for watercolor complete beginners just starting and ‘practicing’   – is  Arches 100% cotton rough. Or,  Cold Press.

Cold Press will give a bit more,  color intensity than the rough if the paper is damp.

Arches Hot Press, slick, shiny, smooth provides gorgeous vibrancy.  Its not so happy to have mistakes lifted off though.

640gsm papers are so thick, thirsty …. they will suck out the intensity of your colors.  Its a great sturdy paper, but, has drawbacks as well.













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    1. thanks M! gosh, I’ve got to look at my reader at the posts to see who has done what… been laid up with a hip and knee problem though. sitting, isn’t so good!

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      1. oh no 😦 sorry to hear about that. I have been slacking off from seeing what everyone is up to and I haven’t done a post lately but I am enjoying having a break, nothing wrong with that. Trying to find my rhythm. I miss being able to get out there to paint, what with all this rain.

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  1. Thank you for all the review and the resources, Debi! I’m checking them out. I’m learning watercolors (I mean, learning never stops), and the medium is so beautiful. Following you! ❤️✅

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    1. thank you very much Roxanne! its my pleasure of course. I snuck over to your site, it is so lovely! how wonderful you’re a violinist – and calligraphy + art. I always wished to have had the chance to learn music. the piano or violin perhaps! cheers, Debi


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