Night Blooms.

Inky dark in October.

Spooky?  Maybe…


haunting night painting, abstract painting in blue, October spooky art,
Night Blooms, oil painting


But I think the Night Blooms is a rather haunting beauty.




Night Blooms Processes and Origins


My painting friend used to have a gorgeous night blooming cactus at her old house.

She’d have to take photos, of course very late at night.  Jan would show me the photos and I fell in love with these magic flowers.  You can see her paintings at her website   Jan Vincent 



This painting  Night Blooms is a contemporary abstract ‘flashback’  a remembrance,  of my friend’s  Night Blooming cactus from so long ago.




Setting the stage:


Its dark and inky.

An  enso moon is out.

Petals seem to glisten

just a bit with the palest silver

against the inked up,

midnight skies……….




Interpretation of Art

This is my own interpretation.

My own remembrance of the subject.



I’m sure as you look at the painting, you’ll  find other ways to see this!!


That’s the beauty of abstractions….

it opens the doors to our imaginations.




Materials Used 

I used oil paints on a primed, sealed wood board.

Then applied thick black gesso with a palette knife quite exuberantly!!

It was FUN.


Next,  the primary color used was my long time fav Prussian Blue pb27.

It was mixed with white to give some tonal gradations here and there.

A whisp of a focal point, and I’m done.