“Flowers With Attitude.”

I seriously love creating images that convey an  ‘attitude.”

I bet you do too!


watercolor magnolia bright and colorful, debiriley.com
Rainbow Magnolia,    copyright of debiriley.com


This is a rather blatant promotional post –  but,

if you live in Perth you may want to hurry and join us for Funky Flowers.


Yes!  There is still time to sign up.


bright colorful watercolor sunflower, contemporary art, Atwell Gallery Perth, debiriley.com
sunflower explosion, copyright of debiriley.com

A riot of colors and textures.

Moody and full of creative …. Uniqueness.

Flowers With Attitude!



bright watercolor sunflower, flower painting class, Atwell Gallery Perth, debiriley.com
sunflower funky with inks, copyright of  debiriley.com



Atwell Gallery Funky Flowers Monday 12:30 – 3pm  Term 4

starts now

Atwell’s  phone   # 08 9330 2800



Atwell Gallery Perth, flower painting class funky, debiriley.com
Tulips Reflecting in Pond, copyright of debiriley.com



By using watercolors, acrylics, inks, pastels on a range of supports we can obtain tons of textures that add to the lush feeling of Flowers.

Adding to the experience.



We don’t do the same thing. Nor copy.

But I help encourage you to learn to see things Differently!!

With fresh eyes.  With a new vision.

From your own unique vantage point.


So that your paintings… are always… just that.  Yours!!




Gotta run.  Cheers, Debi