The original Autumn watercolor landscape…. it held promise.

The thing I love about watercolors…. well, one of the many things!  Is when an image doesn’t quite gel, I can return and Re-color it.

Fix It!


Autumn Color watercolor landscape, how to fix a watercolor painting, fall tree colors,
Autumn Watercolor Landscape w/pastels


Even if its Later. Much Later!

Thats exactly what I’ve done with this Autumn Watercolor Landscape.




Promises of Watercolor

It held promise.

Yet, wasn’t quite what I was looking for.  Not quite how I was feeling.  I wasn’t “Feeling It” yet.


But, this morning I   thought I’d tackle a few projects.  This Autumn scene was first on the list.



How did I fix the watercolor landscape?

Help is on its Way:  Conte and Pastels


Hard Media 

I gathered a lovely box of colored Conte crayons.

They’re really more like hard pastels actually.   But great as they have edges and points that allow me to get just a wee bit of detail in.



Soft Media 

Then I also opened up my box of new,   hand made soft pastels.

Made by Mount Vision Pastel Company,   they are soooo gorgeous, so soft.  They’re a Delight to use.  I will be getting some more.

Lush lilac. Beguiling cobalt teal. Seductive peach. Creamy pale butter and Vibrant sunflower yellow orange.    Yummy.




Steps to Fixing  and… re-coloring

  • I’ve used purple to add recession, depth and a bit of needed coolness.
  • Cobalt Teal was ‘danced about’  to liven up any flat, dead patches.
  • Sunflower yellow orange created more intensity, joy and drama.
  • White Conte provided the much needed Light tones!
  • Butter Yellow added amongst the trees, shrubs, borders as a little ‘pick me up’
  • Square format was retained, I liked it best
  • A clear Evident focal point, right lower area Tree Trunks, helps the design now




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Below – this is a look at just part of the older, original watercolor landscape.

Not super exciting,  a bit ‘rough’ and not quite there yet.  Fixable though.

watercolor trees, beginner landscapes,
Snippet of the Original. A bit on the ‘rough’ side



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