Soothing, refreshing and silky waters are in order for Silly Saturday.  These beautiful tropical colors of cobalt teal,  aztec gold and a lovely shallows green complement each other delightfully. I wish I were there!

soothing tropical waters, watercolor painting, cobalt teal,
Reef in Teal

Well,  I am there, in spirit.


Today’s  image really isn’t as silly as…. Yesterday’s images;  especially that wild, eye popping electric purple flower on a stalk!

But,  I’m guessing that with the return of the lovely cobalt teal blue…. everyone will enjoy its soothing nature so much more!



Soothing Silky Tropical Sea Colors


Some quick notes about the painting.


Medium Used

Its a watercolor painting, created from a memory of the Great Barrier Reef area, Magnetic Island.  On a balmy, quite pleasant… not Hot,  holiday we enjoyed a lovely trip and splashed around in the warm waters and soft white sand.


Temperature Dominance  

The color temperature of this painting is Cool dominant.  ie  a very pleasant, refreshing feeling for the viewer.


Mood of the Painting 

The colors are a bit fun and funky, in keeping with yesterday’s post I wanted some continuity kept going.  Cobalt Teal Blue, of course plays a major role in this image.


Lines and Edges 

There are no hard, sharp lines. My lines are subtle, they’re  ‘inferred.’

The Edges used  here are the tricky ones.

The ‘in between’ ones that are challenging, yes;  but beautiful bridges for the eyes.




More Information 

For a lot more fun information on splashing about in watercolors,  have a wander into Watercolor Basics and perhaps have a look at posts on: No Mud; No Fiddling;  Color Mixing; Depth;  Techniques,  and whatever else catches your eye!