Silky Seas This Silly Saturday

Soothing, refreshing and silky waters are in order for Silly Saturday.  These beautiful tropical colors of cobalt teal,  aztec gold and a lovely shallows green complement each other delightfully. I wish I were there!

soothing tropical waters, watercolor painting, cobalt teal,
Reef in Teal

Well,  I am there, in spirit.


Today’s  image really isn’t as silly as…. Yesterday’s images;  especially that wild, eye popping electric purple flower on a stalk!

But,  I’m guessing that with the return of the lovely cobalt teal blue…. everyone will enjoy its soothing nature so much more!



Soothing Silky Tropical Sea Colors


Some quick notes about the painting.


Medium Used

Its a watercolor painting, created from a memory of the Great Barrier Reef area, Magnetic Island.  On a balmy, quite pleasant… not Hot,  holiday we enjoyed a lovely trip and splashed around in the warm waters and soft white sand.


Temperature Dominance  

The color temperature of this painting is Cool dominant.  ie  a very pleasant, refreshing feeling for the viewer.


Mood of the Painting 

The colors are a bit fun and funky, in keeping with yesterday’s post I wanted some continuity kept going.  Cobalt Teal Blue, of course plays a major role in this image.


Lines and Edges 

There are no hard, sharp lines. My lines are subtle, they’re  ‘inferred.’

The Edges used  here are the tricky ones.

The ‘in between’ ones that are challenging, yes;  but beautiful bridges for the eyes.




More Information 

For a lot more fun information on splashing about in watercolors,  have a wander into Watercolor Basics and perhaps have a look at posts on: No Mud; No Fiddling;  Color Mixing; Depth;  Techniques,  and whatever else catches your eye!






    • hi Sue, Thanks for your comment! This was on cold press Arches paper; but with some granulating pigments and the gold paint – gouache, it created some lovely textural effects. Plus, only going into the paint with the next layer at just the right stage, with the brush not too sloppy wet helped! Thanks! cheers, Debi

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    • Sue, I’d forgotten to mention also that I’d used white with cerulean – this also helps give it the texture you were asking about. The other thing was it was painted on ‘just damp paper’ …more helpful tips on these processes are detailed on my Watercolour Basic Tips page, if you are curious as to the Surfaces and Textures! 🙂 Cheers, Debi


      • Thanks for the info. One of the reasons I asked about texture is that I’ve recently read about painting on watercolour board or even sandpaper. But you got all that texture with just paint and paper. Very cool. What are the dimensions of your work? And I guess I’ll be the treasurer of the CTB club…

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      • Thanks Sue, very lovely to have the treasurer position squared away so quickly… LOL
        Yes, w/c on sandpaper and board is great. esp with impasto or molding paste as a base first – Very very awesome! Touching the Mountain post was one example.
        I have paintings that are (6 ft+) 2 x 2 meters, right down to tiny 1 x 1 Inch micro miniatures. I love to play with the full range of sizes.
        The cobalt seas image was done in a group of 20 that day and were all about 3×4 inches, though a couple were larger.
        My goal actually, was to experiment with the cerulean, the cobalt teal, the blues, and the gold to see ‘What if… ‘
        Thanks again for your comments and thoughts Sue! 🙂 cheers, Debi


  1. That is amazing! When I looked at that I for the first time I thought – photo sent by ISS! But then I read the whole blog to find out more AND…WOW! Awesome creation!

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  2. SUPER SWOON! My jaw dropped open and a gasp escaped I wanted to step into this beautiful painting. You make me want to get Aztec gold gouache. Oh what an effect!!!!! 💛💛💛💛💛

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    • Many thanks for your kind comment!! andI am Smiling at the reference to cover things up.
      An old sheet or towel is always a Relief…. 🙂 sometimes though, I just know I better take it outside… lol


  3. I totally agree with Eva Marks, she said it exactly. These colors reminds me always of Greece and the summer. Wish it would be summer soon. Have a nice weekend, cheers Mitza

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    • Thanks Mitza! your summer is filled with dappled greens and gay floral gardens in rising morning mists. You must take some of those photos and share!
      This painting, the colors look Pleasant, and like a refreshing summer. Just Right.
      I love that kind of summer!
      Still debating my love for 44.5c in the Shade. 🙂

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      • I was just looking into my photos from Greece and found this color you love so much, me, too. Maybe I will make a post sooner or later. It’s raining here nearly all day long, but this morning I was on two fleamarkets and found some lovely things for a good price, i.e. good mood, hehe

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      • gosh, I have so much to do every day with my more than 1200 followers. I don’t really have time to do my posts. I just embroidered a handbag for 6 weeks. Now it’s nearly finished and I’m very content with my work. It was an old handbag I bought on a fleamarket which only had a beautiful handle. So I made a new one. I love to repair old things, … cheers Mitza

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      • Maybe I should learn from you, Debi. My nature is very Prussiana and I’m standing in my own way. Wait I have to push myself away so that I can get through, ahh

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      • I have to ask, to learn WP! like…. just this week the discovery was the matts you could put onto the images when loading onto the post. How to know, unless we ask! with followers … I’ve not done anything.I didn’t know we should. Are you supposed to?

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      • I’m sorry. Debi, I don’t really know how to help you, because I don’t understand the problem, even with my son’s help (he’s very fluent in English and computers) Maybe you could ask somebody who’s mother tongue is English? I’m sorry, would have liked to help you. By the way, I posted something for you yesterday, if you look at the colors. Cheers Mitza

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      • It’s really a lot of work, especially because English is not my mother tongue and I have to look for translations to understand and to answer. But my “favorite followers” always get a nice comment 🙂

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      • your English is so Good Mitza!! but, now I see (understand) …. why you say it takes you so much time with your followers. if you have to translate everytime…. it would take For ever!

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      • I really enjoy it a lot to do everything in English because I keep my brain working, but sometimes people write difficult things and I cannot know all the words, but I always give my best and my computer dict. is always next to wordpress so I can switch and translate, but it surely takes time. 🙂

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  4. Where in the heck to you get that lovely aztec gold gouache? I looked on DickBlick, JerrysArtaRama, CheapJoes, and Amazon 😦 You have me wanting it – again……. Still waiting for my brush. It is taking a slow boat from Australia 🙂

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    • easy solution is Daniel Smith aztec gold watercolor, used with a dab less water. or plain Gold Gouache…
      international mail takes awhile…
      but one brush – you should get it quite soon now Jodi ! 10 working, days.
      I’m thinking I will put Sea image onto my shop … what do you think Jodi!?
      not sure if I’m going etsy yet…… but I resolved to get A shop UP, by end of March!! I do not know how they work, but oh well.
      I have images that ‘I think’, people might want prints/cards of, we will see if that is the case, or not.

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      • I actually tried something today with Inka-Gold that a slathered on with a pallet knife! See how you influence??!!!! 🙂 Though it turned out NOTHING like your beauty! But it was fun!

        Oh YAY for a shop – and yes for a Sea image! Oh I can’t wait!!!

        Darn that you live so far – I hope the s/h won’t be too crazy!

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      • yippee on the palette knife! are you showing it? thanks for the yes vote to ‘sea’ 🙂 I don’t know what shops charge for s/h… if I do it all myself? don’t laugh! I really don’t know


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