Monday’s Watercolor: Shaken not Stirred

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Watercolor that has gone through a twister, shaken – definitely not stirred. So Many ideas from several of my recent posts, have been germinating away. They’ve gone through a Ninja blender and then I’ve integrated them into one design.

digital art, watercolors,
Digital Watercolor


Watercolor:  Shake It Up


The Underpinning 

The post, Watercolour Landscapes Blue and Orange laid the foundation image.  Have a quick look to see the original watercolor landscape painting and do a comparison.  You will see that the basic structure is the same but the colors and  color temperature dominance is completely altered digitally.


New Watercolor Digital Technique

In Fun and Funky Photographs, is where I did some delving into a brand new dimension – digital art processing.

Enhancing and using digital artistic techniques in a radically different method than one I know, one I’m skilled at, or  am comfortable with.

First efforts are always going to be uncomfortable. No matter who you are, no matter what you are attempting.


Color and Mood 

Silky Seas and the wonderful cobalt teal blue and gold color schemes led me toward today’s choices for palette alterations.

Lovely Lines  and 3 Edges served as additional props and tools,  for today’s creation.  I needed to consider my lines and directions of the lines. Whether an inferred line was adequate or not.  As well as making the determination if all my edges were being used in the most effective ways.    These all help to create specific mood and feeling.

There is even a hint of,  Midnight of Eidolon in this image  – I wonder if you sense it too?




This image today is all about Color.

Transformation from one color scheme to another to create a brand new image, a new feeling and evoke a new sensation.


I love color.  I am a ‘colorist’  that is my natural artistic inclination and skill set.  That is how I make things ‘sing.’

Other artists are Masters at graphics, illustration, lettering, line, drawing, architecture …. And I totally love their superb work, their patience, persistence. I so admire what they do!

Its just not within me to do it like they do.  I’d like to.


That is not to say that I should stick to doing the same old thing I always do.

To never try anything new nor make an effort to practice any other skills.  As you’ve probably gathered, I’ll always be experimenting. Always will be trying a different technique and rolling the dice, taking a risk.   It’s  just Paper, after all.


I  do know with certainty,   I am A Colorist.

Not merely stirring, but Shaking things up.





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23 thoughts on “Monday’s Watercolor: Shaken not Stirred

    1. and…. ‘watch me nae nae’ Oh My, Jodi, you made me crack up again! but you are so right…. I twist and then boy do I shout, Ouch. 🙂


  1. I do love how the digital filters posterize the colors in overlapping layers. Beautiful Debi, how wonderful to have so many tools to experience your colorist needs. May the Colorist Force be with you! Lol

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  2. of course this reminds me of Greece again. At one beach we found a lot of jellyfish. Your painting reminds me of a underwater photo with jellyfish, hope you’re not angry about it, cheers Mitza

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  3. Great job Debi. Have you seen David Hockney’s iPad paintings. They’ve just announced he is to have a large retrospective at Tate Britain next February. I’ll have to start saving for the trip 🙂

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    1. Its pretty new to me as well, but I was flipping between iphoto, acorn, and photoshop with these images. I like cutout, posterize, invert filters a lot.So far. 🙂 Thank you for you comment, I appreciate it. And am glad you enjoyed the post and images! cheers, Debi


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