‘Something different’ for the Friday photos today. A morning play turning paintings into digital designs and photographs into line art drawings. Fun. Funky. Different.

funky photos in purple, debiriley.com
Once, Watercolors


Funky Neon Digital Art

This digital photo image was originally, a bright orange watercolor floral painting, seen in the post Inspiration – How It Starts.    



Processes of Change and Evolution

I wanted to change the color scheme back and front for a fun and funky look; emphasize the negative spaces; and then try to showcase the 3 Directional Lines.


First I altered the background, creating a solid dense black, in order to accent the floral shapes more dramatically.

Then I went in went a bucket tool…..  I was crying for my Real Brushes!  and flood fill, various areas.  In several differing colors and tones.

I tried some pencil outlines, and other features but they were pretty horrid.  So I left it.

As far as the directional shapes, there are plenty of verticals, diagonals, with a couple of short horizontals.


Another Painting Evolves

pastel watercolor digital painting, fun funky art, debiriley.com
Pastel Watercolor

This Used to be a watercolor and pastel floral painting which was then converted to a photograph.

Using Layers of smudge, flood fill, and then pencil line drawings over the top finished the practice piece.


I wondered if I could use that pencil tool at all. Using my mouse to direct it and move it, is …. challenging.

But fun.  And I like the funky  60’s  look on this. I may do another one and take more time to structure the flowers differently, but still using this painting background.



Photograph Into Line Drawing Art 

Line art from photo, debiriley.com
Line Art

This is interesting as it began as a photograph, then became other.  I don’t really classify it as a painting, nor line drawing actually. As its neither.

But still, it is different.  For me.

I can’t remember all the filters, steps, processes this one went through. All the functions are ‘Greek’ terms new to me, so they are difficult to remember the 10+ I think I used!





I can see some of the advantages that working more with this program could give me, in time.  With diligent practice.

I’ve always worked pretty much ‘old school’ using real paper, brushes, pastels, paints.  This, is very Different.


I’ve been inspired by several ladies who are quite skilled and masterful using their Photoshop/editing programs creating art.  Sharon Mann is really great;  Jodi, Eva and Cynthia  also do wonders with their programs as well.

They’re experienced with the ins and outs and do such marvellous work, I couldn’t resist the fun of giving it a go.  I realize of course, I’ll need to practice – practice – practice!