for Love …of Color!

watercolor techniques, color mixing Daniel Smith paints, love of color, impressionist flower painting,

Every post, this week will have Love as the major theme. Yes, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Its only one day though.

So, maybe a week long visit with Love, in its many beautiful and elegant forms will stir our imaginations,  hearts and our souls.


watercolor techniques, color mixing Daniel Smith paints, love of color, impressionist flower painting,
for Love, of Color!



Starting with…

for Love of Color.

Of course!  And you aren’t surprised are you?!  I didn’t think so.




What did I do and what did I use?


I had a visual diary with quotes that I’ve been saving. Its not for watercolors. Really its only a drawing journal. But, I’m not much of a drawing type artist, and by now, you’re aware I’m much more of a ‘colorist.’

Having a play with some color mixes, a bit of fun, splashing out using my standard – Impressionist approach – is always my creative zone.



Colors Used

Daniel Smith Watercolors.

I’ve loved them since the mid ’90s when I first was introduced to them. Especially the Lunar Black and Quinacridone Sienna have entranced me.


In todays images I’ve used 5 DS watercolors:

Quinacridone Rose;  Naples Yellow (love); Indanthrone blue (love);  Aureolin; Green Apatite Genuine.

There is no other Naples Yellow, that I have yet found, that can do what the Daniel Smith Naples Yellow does. The ingredients that are used to create it, provide me a sensational Opaque warm yellow that I truly love.


Test Strips of Color

The first thing I did was lay test strips of the colors out on a page. “Testing”  is a wise policy. Try before you commit, kind of thing.  I always test drive a car for a good long drive, before I buy.  I know painting isn’t as serious, but still.  I like to be aware of what may or may not happen.

Especially! If I am taking on a challenge like painting on plain journal paper that is going to blot and soak right through. Who knows what else the paper might do?!!

But, the challenge is on.

And, I do Love a Challenge!



Impressionist Flowers

Once I’d investigated the response of the paper and paints, I made my choice to create a floral scene using only those colors to mix with.


Why Impressionist?

I love color, and a sense of freedom in my painting approach.

It provides a sense of movement and life and energy.

Of being Alive.

If the image was   “Abstract”   I’d lose my flowers.

It was key that the flowers be seen as flowers.  It is not important though, What Type of flowers! That is irrelevant. I’m not, doing ‘botanical.


My Flowers are alive, growing.  I did not place them in a vase this time.



Journal Quote

The quote reads,

“You are alive

and that is the only place

you need to be

to start.”

author – Carrie Rainey



I read this and paused. And thought, wow.

Because we place so many unneeded criteria, conditions, guidelines, expectations upon a thing…… before we think we can even start.   But, no.


We are alive.

Start now.




I am inspired.

I do Love this!





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    1. thank you!
      Edward Seago, John Singer Sargent, Charles Reid…. their loose impressionist styles have always been my benchmarks. love them. Looking at their work, it is amazing, how simple plops of color – suddenly transform into hills, boats, clouds, people! 🙂

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    1. thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed this 🙂 thank you too for taking the time out, to make a comment – I appreciate it. Cheers, and happy Love day 🙂 Debi


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