Saturdays Silly Transformations

watercolor tree, impressionist landscapes,

It is fun, isn’t it to watch things transform?!

Sometimes the final result goes beyond all our hopes and expectations. Other times, well.

We learn.



watercolor tree, impressionist landscapes,
Same WatercolorTree, new format #3


And Learning, is just as important as “getting that super, wow, great result.”

Probably more so. When you pause, and  think, about it, yes?



Versatile Watercolor



The first watercolor effort was featured in Spectacle of trees 

In this post I have shown several differing types and styles of trees…. done, my way!, watercolor landscape, #world watercolor month, watercolors, tree paintings
#1  Tree in The Glade,


The next time you saw the image was after it went through a makeover with oil pastels in Woodlands Watercolors.       Below.



watercolor woodland forest, oil pastel textures,
#2  Woodlands watercolor,



Today’s post shows the original watercolor, cropped of superfluous ‘rubbish.’

Then I’ve set it into a midnight black matt for a maximum of contrast.

I don’t mind the result of #3 image, at all.





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8 thoughts on “Saturdays Silly Transformations

    1. thank you so much for that Jodi! it never ceases to amaze me, the magic of “The Right Matt” for the artwork at hand.
      This one also, shows that even though I normally dislike blacks and darks for frames and matts – sometimes they are the right answer!

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  1. All three are great. I agree completely with your philosophy about the joy of “learning” , which is really all about the journey and not the end result.

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