My Love

Love, valentines day, photography,

A week filled with Love.

Every post this week will focus on some aspect of this most miraculous of human emotions.

Love:  It’s a Beautiful thing.


Love, valentines day, photography,
My Love, it was You ……  (c)




The Art of Caring for other human beings.

Created living beings.



it is, an art form of the highest achievement.

Love builds up and love






LOVE  –   5 more

for love of color 

touching hands 

love cobalt teal blue 

scarlet love 

love, we don’t need another gadget 




Love, its a powerful, beautiful thing.


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    1. ahhh… Miss Eva!! I was definitely missing you 🙂 its good to ‘see you – wishing you a wonderful V day of love from all your family and friends… hugs and love, debi zen

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