Happy Birthday Flowers

Happy Birthday Flowers

Someone has a birthday today…. its one of those Special birthdays.

Even though I may not be there to share, to celebrate in person –  I can send flowers.


Tulips that almost look like soft, pretty pink balloons rising up.


birthday wishes, tulip pink, spring flowers, debiriley.com
Tulip, wishes   (c)  debiriley.com



And for the rest of us,  even if its not our birthday…. we can still be immersed in their loveliness.


The colors.

The softness.

The mood.

The sentiment.


And share in those things.

Many of us, just need a nice bouquet of flowers sent to us, for ‘general purposes.’   So. Here it is!



happy Monday.  happy birthday!


pink tulips, spring flowers, debiriley.com
Tulips like Balloons, (c) debiriley.com




tulips in celebration, birthday, spring, pink flowers, debiriley.com
Tulips in Celebration, (c) debiriley.com






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