A new creation emerged, so slowly.

With thoughts of zen Simplicity,

mindful of the moment

and being,

immersed in the patterns arising….

my patience was rewarded.



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Monoprint Zen, in the moment debiriley.com (c)


Zen Zone, creativity


All the while, I was creating this spiral design  monoprint

I was in contemplation.

In the artist zone.




The Artists’ Way

The artist’s way is a way of Being.


I feel, that as artists, many things are required of us,  many things we are obliged to do.

We are the community’s  visionaries. The healers. The scribes, the poets, the historians. The peace makers.

We are the soul…. of the community.



We are the ‘scouts’ that point out other options, new pathways.  I like to call those…. Plan B, C,D,E,F…..

We are obliged to point out,  productive ways forward.  We are obliged to show meaningful ways of finding hope.



We have been given gifts, we are meant to use them.

We are obliged to inspire, to encourage, to enthuse.

Without the Artists and their various gifts, the community is bereft of all those things.



That is my personal interpretation of my responsibility as an artist.   Others may surely have differing views. I’m ok with that.




Creativity Quote…

A wonderful and timely quote came to mind,


“do you have the patience to wait

until the Mud settles and the water clears?’


Can you remain unmoving

until the right action

arises by itself?”   Lao Tzu





I often think how appropriate these words are, for watercolor.

Yes.  As well as other things too.




With Wabi Sabi in mind and simplicity,  patience, persistence and hope,  I continue to create.


*Wabi Sabi  –  nothing is permanent,   nothing is perfect,  nothing is finished