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In The Fields – silly saturday

In The Fields – silly saturday

Its Saturday, shall we just for a moment, be a tiny bit silly?  I will, if you will.

In the fields, are weeds.

Are tangles of overgrown grasses. In the fields, just around the corner block, a perfect spot.

I lie amongst the fields of yellow, those ‘weeds’ and grasses soon to be mowed down.

And find myself…….

at eye level.



finding nature's treasures on walks, fields of yellow flowers, canon rebel eos, debiriley.com
In The Fields  and just…around the corner




meadow of yellow flowers, canon rebel eos photography, nature walk, debiriley.com
In Amongst Them


In The Fields

This had to be, the shortest of all my zen strolls.


It seemed as if, every thing was lovely.

It was a beautiful time of the day.

The sun was shining, but not pelting down.

The breeze was there, delicately. Nice.



Everything was lit up with a softness and an appealing luminous freshness.

Grass, weeds, dandelions.





They took on a new and oh so interesting look.

Now more like Cinderellas dressed up for the ball and not the overlooked, plain wallflowers that soon get mowed over.




Yes, yes but I found I quite enjoyed the oddness of looking into the weeds as if they Might Be Pretty.

As if they were the forest.

As if the grass stalks that swayed in the gentle wind, were meant to remind me of something……


nature walks, zen strolls debi riley, yellow flowers in the field, debiriley.com
grass in the wind




fresh yellow flowers in the field, flower photography, debiriley.com
Fresh, In Yellow


A Fresh,  Look

What glasses, did I put on this morning you ask?

Surely, the World and its troubles, can’t have overnight by magic, changed.




I did put my artist eyes back in.


I did go out on the stroll …Resolute.


Filled with purpose, to discover things of loveliness.



No, I don’t have rose colored glasses on.

I see and hear the same news as everyone.



My attitude was adjusted today.

I heard what was being whispered so softly.


I listened.




And I am keen on safeguarding my artist creativity, joy and light.

To not let the woes steal them away.



The  Julia Cameron book,   The Artist’s Way   that I’ve been  rereading, is such a great read.  Old.  And worth a second read.




Silly Saturday

Silly Saturday today, with its playful and different take on those pesky Weeds, was both fun and a little bit serious.

But Just Right, for a Saturday.




Music in Pink

Music in Pink

Flowers are the music of the ground…..


flower poems, Edwin Curran, pink gentle sweet flowers, macro photo of flower, debiriley.com
Music in Pink



Flowers Music to the Soul….



“Flowers are

the music of the ground


From earth’s lips

spoken without sound.”        Edwin Curran




A Chance Discovery

I discovered that first poem by chance while looking for a poem for this photo.

I liked Curran’s phrasing;  how he painted with words.



I looked a little further, to see what else he might have in wait for us.

Finding another of his poems just as appealing,   just a little bit lengthier.



I’ve included  Curran’s  “The Painted Hills of Arizona”     even though its not flower themed.

Still, its lyrical and lovely and fills the soul.





The Painted Hills of Arizona 

The rainbows all lie crumpled on these hills,
The red dawns scattered on their colored sills;

These hills have caught the lightning in its flight,
Caught colors from the skies of day and night

And shine with shattered stars and suns they hold
Dyed yellow, red and purple, blue and gold.

Red roses seem within their marble blown
A painted garden chiselled in the stone;

The rose and violet trickling through their veins
Where they drop their bright curtain to the plains

A ramp of rock and granite, jeweled and brightening
Like some great colored wall of lightning!




Red Sky of Fire  

Skies of Eidolon -Night

Bold color on the Mountain  







Season of Love

Season of Love


It makes the world go round….

in every season.

peace, joy, love oil painting in blue debiriley.com
Love…..peace, joy, love     debiriley.com (c)


The Season



It is the spirit of peace that calls out to be heard and shared.



It is simply sharing a moment of goodness,  of something ‘lovely and precious.’




It is the Light that keeps us going, dark the night may be.







This is the 3rd year I’ve posted this oil painting during the Christmas Season.

I love the colors, the feeling, the Message!

Its great to start fun new traditions. Sharing this lovely blue oil painting each holiday seems like a wonderful one to continue.






A Way With Oils

  1. Painting with oils on a lovely rich and sturdy canvas is a delight.

2. The good canvas has a certain Responsiveness, a give, a ‘spring’ to it that those cheaper panels… don’t even come close to.


3. The Canvas grips and holds, your brushstroke.

4. Freezing in time, the feeling, the expression the artist was experiencing.


5. When I’ve used the panels they feel harsh, hard. There is no give, no spring. No responsiveness.   They feel slick, slippery.  Resistant. As if they’re made one way and will adamantly resist this freedom of expression.  This, is of course,  my own personal experience and thoughts.


6. I love the way good canvas feels, it is such a Joy!

7. It seems to respond and dialogue with the artist with each brush stroke. Expressing the mood and essence of the artist and subject – with greater ease.


8. The Materials we choose, should ‘help’ the artist. Not create battles and hindrances.


9. This particular canvas featured, I primed and stretched myself.

I don’t do that as a rule though! I normally am time poor, so will buy the professional grade wrap around edge canvas. (Knowing it Can be painted over, In OILS,  which makes the budget minded me, quite happy!)


10. My monochromatic and limited palette of colors used for this painting:  cobalt blue, indigo, white, cobalt teal blue




Brands of Oil Paints I like 


Old Holland

Winsor and Newton



Winsor and Newton Alkyds

The one I’d love to try, is Vasari. With its smooth, buttery softness. Sadly, its not available in Australia yet.


Sophie Ploeg’s post on oil paint brands makes a great read. Its very informative, listing several brands and their attributes.




I hope you have enjoyed The Season of Love with these snippets of oil painting information.

Cheers, Debi


Happy Birthday Flowers

Happy Birthday Flowers

Someone has a birthday today…. its one of those Special birthdays.

Even though I may not be there to share, to celebrate in person –  I can send flowers.


Tulips that almost look like soft, pretty pink balloons rising up.


birthday wishes, tulip pink, spring flowers, debiriley.com
Tulip, wishes   (c)  debiriley.com



And for the rest of us,  even if its not our birthday…. we can still be immersed in their loveliness.


The colors.

The softness.

The mood.

The sentiment.


And share in those things.

Many of us, just need a nice bouquet of flowers sent to us, for ‘general purposes.’   So. Here it is!



happy Monday.  happy birthday!


pink tulips, spring flowers, debiriley.com
Tulips like Balloons, (c) debiriley.com




tulips in celebration, birthday, spring, pink flowers, debiriley.com
Tulips in Celebration, (c) debiriley.com





Things Soft and Delicate and Small

Things Soft and Delicate and Small

Another joyful Spring walk!

Perhaps, I headed out with intentions of looking for  “the noteworthy, the majestic, the grand.”

Something with substance, meat and body.  Something, that might command attention. Well, its how it started out.

That….. did not last long.




Small Things Bring Joy

My eyes soon found joy and gratitude in a myriad of small things as I walked along.



The early spring grass stem bursting forth, trying to beat the summer heat.

photograph spring grasses, debiriley.com
Spring Grass, hurries to blossom, debiriley.com




The soft velvet bud of a nearly open fruit blossom.

Its lovely greys and tans feathered out so fine, so delicately  – delight my eye.

photograph spring early fruit tree budding, debiriley.com
Spring Early Bud, debiriley.com




Perhaps its not those Grand and Noteworthy things…. that bring joy and contentedness. Nor that ever elusive ‘happiness’ who always waits. Just around the next corner.  A will-o-wisp.


But, Those other things.

The smaller, finer, more delicate… they seem to reach in, don’t they?



Nature Walks

My walks. They’re never intended for exercise,  you’ve no doubt discovered about me. But they’re  my version of creative, artistic meditation. I find things.


I can be, content taking a walk.

And be content sitting and watching the bees dance.

The grass blow.


Its so amazingly creative.


bee on blue lupine, macro photo, debiriley.com
Bee Dance, debiriley.com


Spring  Lupines 


I discovered a field dotted with gorgeous cobalt blue lupines.  Each blue petal is so tiny. The tips edged with hairs so fine and silken soft, it was amazing.


The spring lupines are now in full bloom.  Acting as bee-magnets.

I sat down in the grass and watched their industrious and ordered dance.   The sun in Perth was peeking out taking the edge of the cool of the day.


It was such a small thing.

But I do believe its one I’m going to remember for quite some time.

I made the moment – mine.


busy bee on lavender blue lupine, photo, debiriley.com
Beautifully Small, Busy Bee


The Moment of Contentedness


I enjoyed the moment.


Surrounded by things soft and delicate and small.  Not grand, not magnificent.

Just the small things and I.



And realized in that moment, yes,  I was perfectly content.



lupine photograph in macro, debiriley.com
Soft, small whispers of contentedness




My Inspirations Today


Tony Smibert,  clean fresh minimalist art works

Toko Shinoda, again…. brilliant well thought out brush strokes

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Walt Disney… the world is a beautiful place

John Lennon,  Imagine