The artist’s creativity is inspired. By What?

Everyone is different, we like different things. You might have a preference for food art, or animal portraits… I may enjoy nature themes or abstracts.


collage blue, green purple, work in progress, what makes an artist tick, persistence,



fern design watercolor, fern abstract art, zen painting,
MaryEllen Fern, cobalt teal design (c) 2016



Hope Shining


But,  we all want to feel that we can reach ‘the goal.’

That we can improve.

We Need, to see the Evidence of Improvements month by month.




We need to see light around the corner.

Hope shining.


soft pretty pink flowers, delicate spring blossoms, flower photography, artistic inspirations,
Hope Shining,



An Intangible that makes many artists tick… is vision.

We are able to envision something being transformed, something being created, from out of chaos or emotions or shadowed dreams.



I call it hope.  Faith and Belief.

The ability to hunt, search and find things that Inspire.

To be receptive. Willing to see and to willing to

feel the inspiration in the most imperfect of things.   


trees reflections
imperfect, the first version 



Autumn Color watercolor landscape, how to fix a watercolor painting, fall tree colors,
Autumn reflections…. Recolored and Enhanced. 3rd version 



The vision to create, first within our hearts, then our minds. Finally our hands follow. Clumsily, perhaps.








But, still we  Persist.

We artists are resilient like that.

We have an inner Tenacity that absolutely refuses to give up.


And That, is what really makes us ‘tick.’





in this world can take the place of  – Persistence.


Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with Talent.


Genius will not: unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts.


Persistence and Determination  alone are omnipotent.”


Calvin Coolidge




Each of these images involved, time and effort.

And multiple throw away discards.

My Vision for each, progressed.  It grew.  The evolution of the portrait and the cadmium abstract was intriguing.  And Then… it became really exciting to merge the two.  Discards abounded, yes.

But the vision and persistence kept me going.

self portraits, photo,
bright blue  #1


abstract watercolor cadmium red with prussian blue, abstract on board, creativity,
Burning Scarlet Cadmium Red,      #2


bright fun digital portraits,
Bold fun red and blue   #3   finished




I believe,  that ….. Persistence fuels the flame that lights Hope.