Blue Bluff: Watercolor Landscape

Watercolor Landscapes….. fresh, free and bold.

Influenced by John Singer Sargent, Margaret Coen and Penleigh Boyd.

Artists of extraordinary skill.  With extraordinary depth of feeling for the landscapes they ‘befriended’ and painted.


watercolor landscape blue mountains, Ultramarine Blue pb29, impressionist, colorful painting of nature,
Ultramarine Blue Bluff – Watercolor Landscape


Those artists had something,  Special.  

They traipsed the land and knew it well.

And by their knowing the land, were genius at painting its Portrait…… With depth, truth, passion and soul.

I’d like to emulate their approach, in that same fashion.


My Post on Margaret Coen Watercolor Diva   shows a hint of how she painted.




Blue Bluff

Blue Bluff landscape was painted quickly.

References were ……From my memories of our winter’s fun and exciting Kalbarri week long outback adventures.




Watercolor Materials

I painted it on dry paper, to give a  feeling of “immediacy.”

I used Arches 100% cotton Cold Press 300gsm.

The Daniel Smith watercolors I used:  Ultramarine blue pb29,   Quinacridone Sienna PO49/PR209 and Burnt Umber PBr7.

We can Never go too far wrong, with a limited palette!



Blue Bluff has just a wee bit of ink, placed in random areas in the foreground.





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