Gorgeous Gardens in Purples

Gardens teeming with rich color and growing wild.  Audacious. Bold. Flamboyant.

These white gum branches with violet hued leaves in the wildling gardens,  look surreal against the mango backdrop.


Lavender purple leaves in digital painting, purple garden foliage, debiriley.com
Branch in My Garden



Purple Gardens



Its a Different way to seeing the garden.

Imagine and Create.



Envisioning.  Imagining color schemes.


Making the vision come to be.



Purple foliage leaves in the garden, digital art painting purple, debi riley art, leaf patterns
Purple Foliage


Loud Ladies of Vibrant Violet,   rise from the garden floor to take the stage!

Magnificently lined,  these boldly patterned leaves  are accented with small dollops of teal.





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Gardens come in many colors and in many forms.   But, today’s gardens come to you in a tropical style,  lavender purple on mango!





  1. It all looks surreal to me! Sure pops off the screen, Debi! Digitally enhanced, or is this actual footage lol?! It is interesting to think about a garden walk from an artistic perspective. Changes everything, particularly when thinking abstractly!

    Liked by 1 person

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