Easy Watercolor Flowers

paint simple easy watercolor flowers, mixing green foliage, debi riley, debiriley.com

Simple. Easy. Gorgeous.  Watercolor Flowers from the Garden.  It really can be quite uncomplicated – with just a few,  simple brushstrokes of gorgeous color artfully arranged on the watercolor paper.


paint simple easy watercolor flowers, mixing green foliage, debi riley, debiriley.com
Easy Watercolor Flowers


Painting Flowers in Watercolor


A few easy tips

  1. count and limit, your brushstrokes
  2. really concentrate on attaining Light, Mid, Dark tonal values
  3. plan  where your next color, next tone, next brush stroke will go
  4. limit your palette to 3 or 4 colors only and then mix from them
  5. let your brush … Dance!!
  6. Don’t make it ‘scrub’ the floors
  7. have puddles and pools of paint mixed up/ don’t be a paint miser
  8. hunt for and find the Star of the show
  9. then do everything and anything, to make it remain the Star
  10. relax.   breathe.  be calm. have fun. explore. play.





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Watercolor Basic Tips 



The  very best tip I can suggest when painting watercolor flowers is to go out to where they are and see them in their natural habitat. To touch them and feel them.  To smell each petal.

You imprint the flower and its character within when you do this.

It does transfer into your flower paintings and leaves the viewers feeling the same emotions you felt!

A painting with heart and soul, even if it does have a few errors….. is truly more stunning and moving than a technically accurate, brilliant-no-flaws painting  without soul.




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42 thoughts on “Easy Watercolor Flowers

  1. Yes! this post is so full of Debi-isms! lol I will make note of all your points….and put your name on the bottom of it. I will do something tomorrow based on this post of yours. I was trying to decide what to do, now I know. Thank you Debi! great post!

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  2. Hi debi!!.,lots of daily ‘ art pieces ‘ on your page this month!!..no head for reading.. Much.. But I always ‘ feel’ your artWork’ .. Sometimes my artistic person goes ‘ numb’..takes work to refind emotional balance 😊… Computors, are frustrating..good for hanging in there!!.. * student Praise Post ‼️.. May 13../ Yohannes – joanne ❣🎨

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    1. thanks Joanne! May is create every day!!
      with Laura and Margaret, so I’m busy posting…. wishing I could just post the image and shut up.
      but NO, not me. gotta yabber on, lights, darks, greens, washes! geesh. I’m hanging for June. back to normal posts. 🙂


  3. Poking fun at myself.in such a twist, colour and nature is about all that is registering 😊 .. Grateful for my ‘ Art Therapist ” from AUSTRALIA … ❤️🌺

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    1. thanks Jodi! you’ll have so much reference material and memories from the holiday – it will last for ages! Looking forward to seeing all the lovely paintings inspired by the trip! 🙂

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  4. Just what I needed today! I love each of the tips you’ve given and will definitely be painting a few “loose and lovely” flowers. I especially appreciate the advice to count and limit brushstrokes. I know that will help me a lot! Thank you so much for all the fantastic information you share.


  5. More wondrousness from the zen mistress of watercolor, our own Debi Riley! I need to print this post and staple it all over my house. Love it. Terrific painting too and love those colors you mixed with that limited palette! Seriously I should print this now!! Thank you.

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    1. that is so cute LL!! thank you!! was going to ask if you are now all fresh and recovered from the busy season? it must be so tiring… especially numbers!! 😦

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      1. Hmm…..fresh? Not sure I’d go that far, but mostly recovered hehe. I do enjoy numbers. I have a very weird brain. I was getting really burned out but a regular art practice (and the passion I have for art) has really bled over and invigorated my practice too and given me a real zest for both sides of my working life at this point. For which, I’m very grateful! ❤

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      2. glad you are mostly rested! you’re actually one of the few highly creative artists I know who also is highly linked to the more mathematical logistics side of things as well. a lot of us, its one or the other.


      1. Our garden is overwhelming at this time, but unfortunately the weather has cooled down very much and it rains a lot. But we made a wonderful trip to a monastery with beautiful nature surrounding, made a walk and had a wonderful cheese sandwich. :))

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      2. Yes, I’m strolling every day with my camera and a magnifier through our garden. All the ants are hiding when I came because they don’t want to be photographed in their intimate life :)))

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  6. Thanks for all this great info and lovely painting samples. I need to let my brush dance more but find this to be so difficult. I have started holding it further toward the top and not holding my arm and hand so stiffly, so hopefully dancing will come with time 🙂

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