Simple. Easy. Gorgeous.  Watercolor Flowers from the Garden.  It really can be quite uncomplicated – with just a few,  simple brushstrokes of gorgeous color artfully arranged on the watercolor paper.


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Easy Watercolor Flowers


Painting Flowers in Watercolor


A few easy tips

  1. count and limit, your brushstrokes
  2. really concentrate on attaining Light, Mid, Dark tonal values
  3. plan  where your next color, next tone, next brush stroke will go
  4. limit your palette to 3 or 4 colors only and then mix from them
  5. let your brush … Dance!!
  6. Don’t make it ‘scrub’ the floors
  7. have puddles and pools of paint mixed up/ don’t be a paint miser
  8. hunt for and find the Star of the show
  9. then do everything and anything, to make it remain the Star
  10. relax.   breathe.  be calm. have fun. explore. play.





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Watercolor Basic Tips 



The  very best tip I can suggest when painting watercolor flowers is to go out to where they are and see them in their natural habitat. To touch them and feel them.  To smell each petal.

You imprint the flower and its character within when you do this.

It does transfer into your flower paintings and leaves the viewers feeling the same emotions you felt!

A painting with heart and soul, even if it does have a few errors….. is truly more stunning and moving than a technically accurate, brilliant-no-flaws painting  without soul.