Beautiful Lines of Abstraction

creating abstracts with lines, patterns, debi riley art, Kandinsky style,

Yesterday’s art Muse may have disappointed, true. But I did say,  there is always Tomorrow.

And I liked what my Muse brought this time around: Abstraction in Beautiful strong lines. I can work with that!


creating abstracts with lines, patterns, debi riley art, Kandinsky style,
Beautiful Lines of Abstraction


Graphic and Hard Edged  Abstract

This very Graphic and Hard Edged  Image  has been  balanced by

  • Four dominant curving shapes;  Curved lines  relax and ‘soften’
  • Pink – coral,  a softer color that ‘invites’ in
  • Small circular pebble shapes that influence the mind towards ‘cute’
  • Abstract, gentle wave patterns to relax



Influencing the Viewer

Using those techniques, I have swayed the viewer into feeling just a little bit more ‘cozy and comfortable’  when viewing the abstract in graphic lines.

If it had been all B/W with all sharp, pointy angles …..  there would be no welcome ‘give’ sensation to this image at all.


Do have a look at how the strong dark curved lines encourages the eye to come In.

To enter into the image.

Liken it to, someone knocking at your door. You open your door wide. You open your arms wide. You smile wide.  You stand aside and usher them inside.

That. Is what we want to do. With our art works.



Maurice Sapiro sets a brilliant example of how to make the viewer welcome and how to usher them into stepping into his paintings.




A Good Attitude

A positive attitude takes me 80% of the way to the destination.

I gleaned what I could from yesterday.

Viewing it as a prelude, a necessary warm up.  This often happens.   I’ve been down this path before.  Where one day is filled with nothing but “character builders.”   Then, presto.  The following painting day…. something has germinated!


3 things are pretty important when faced with Character Building days:

  • Don’t be dishonest with yourself.
  • Don’t panic too soon.
  • Don’t quit too soon.



To create this image, I borrowed aspects from yesterday’s Abstracted floral designs.

Strong thick dark marker lines; Circles; Stamen seeds;  and the rosy pink color.

For more contrast I left the background pure white, not painted like yesterday’s.

To add visual interest,  additional overlapping of shapes and patterns were needed.




Abstract Explorations Tomorrow

I really don’t know where the Muse went with my paint brush.  But,  I do Love these patterns that are being created!

This theme of  “Patterns”  can be explored in much more depth.   I’ve now got several pots on the stove and some ideas percolating.  I need 6 hands and a clone.

We will see what… tomorrow brings.





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33 thoughts on “Beautiful Lines of Abstraction

    1. thank you Charlie!! Thats lovely of you!
      This was pretty atypical, not something that shouts out ‘Debi.’ But hey, how else , hehehe, can I build character?! cheers, Debi

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      1. really!!? even with all the strong line graphic – ness?
        that pretty much surprises me;
        that a DJR style shows in that divergent approach…. .
        and, Charlie thank you for that lovely wonderful personality comment 🙂

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      2. fascinating….. thanks for sharing that. I would not have thought that the case in these types of art that are not my ‘typical’ DJR stuff!
        I love how you said, you can’t hide!!! 🙂

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    1. good eye!!! and thank you for noticing Cynthia.
      Its always nice, when someone does see something like that, and comments! it has been interesting. and, more character building. 🙂

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  1. I like that you are exploring different creative directions. I too love working with patterns and shapes. The philosophy behind your art is always interesting and it is a joy to visit Debi.

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    1. That is lovely. thank you Sharon!
      I must say, each time I see your gravatar now, I see the patterns, overlapping and textures woven through – to remind me – to consider these and to reveal them more in my own work as well. I hope you keep that gravatar for a long time 🙂

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  2. Your explorations, patterns, growth & words are a mentally&visually stimulating ‘meal’. I am always glad to visit your blog, thanks.

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    1. wow, that is very lovely to hear! and I am so glad that the posts are meaningful to you … yay!! Its nearly impossible for me to just do a post with only, the image.
      I try. then chastise myself about, where’s the content, the meaning, the Help? lol 25 years of teaching, will do that. I think.

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      1. Well Deb you certainly are accomplishing your goals…there is so much “meat” and your images are gorgeous.

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      2. thank you so much Heather. I appreciate your lovely comment. I’m happy, that you find enjoyment here on the website!!! cheers, Debi


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