Five ‘Still Life’ bowls.

Each a beautiful individual, filled with life’s textures and patterns.

As a group, Looking stunning as they overlap, connect and create wonderful life relationships.


Still Life pink coral, patterned bowls, graphic design, debi riley art,
Its Still Life



The Inspiration


These  5 Bowls and their patterns were inspired by things seen, felt, heard, experienced.


  • things vertical, horizontal, diagonal
  • hibiscus  tiny seed centres
  • objects with complementary pairing  of coral pink with minted cobalt teal
  • from my not so successful efforts  in 5 Steps to Abstraction …. without that effort, I would not have reached this next step on the pathway to abstraction



These still life bowls can represent a metaphor for:

  • giving and receiving
  • relationships and individuality
  • gratitude
  • surprises that Life holds


Its Still Life.