A Quick Splash of Paint

Cobalt teal blue splashes onto the paper in my efforts for a cooler, refreshing ambience.

splash of cobalt paint, abstract painting, debiriley.com
Summer Heat

The palette knife loaded with Acrylic paint slides on the wet paper in a brief fleeting kiss. Perfect for creating smooth applications of color in my abstract painting today.

More palette knife posts are The Delightful Palette Knife and  Watercolour with Knife and  my page …   Watercolor Basic Tips has plenty of great new information on color, tone, mixing and techniques.


Scarlet red orange symbolises the summer’s heat wave.

The cobalt teal blue, a wonderful cooling oasis… all in my imagination of course.


As many of you know now,  cobalt teal blue pg50 has been making a fairly consistent appearance in my paintings lately.

Its such a great Cooling color to splash around the canvas or the paper, I can’t resist the beguiling cobalt teal.


splash of cobalt teal, abstract art,  debiriley.com
Splash of Cobalt Teal Oasis


One final thought….   Even though I went a bit  Color Happy,   have a very close look at the tonal values in these.


Check,  to see if you can clearly see my Light (near white) tones;  my Mid Tones;  and my Deep Darks (near/Black)  tones.


With Abstract Art – its even more important, to get all those tones very clear and not muddled up.







    • thank you Patricia! What a thoughtful, and spot on comment, you’ve said it exactly! Thank you for stopping by and for your feedback – I always like to hear what you’re thinking about the posts. 🙂 Cheers, Debi

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    • Jodi…. where, would I be – without your SWOONING ? I can now rate/gauge my posts, simply by … no swoon, lower case swoon, swoon in Caps, swoon with exclamation, and double swoons.
      yes, this is my new rating system. amazing how famous You’ll be when word gets out, that you invented the ‘Swoon Poll Rating’ Method, Jodi.

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      • I know, its a super great system you created! and gosh, you MUST be honest, straight from the heart…ya’ know what I mean!! how else can I gauge the post???
        besides, I only get snarly when I don’t have my AM coffee. LOL


  1. I do love that teal blue! But what caught my eye was the “black” thin stripe running down through the blue. When you turn the painting to be horizontal, I see a cormorant and another waterfowl-type (the reddish one) swimming along. Very lovely colours and a picture that invites the imagination to go exploring. I would proudly hang that in my living room if I owned it.

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  2. WOWZA! Love these colors together! I also like that you mentioned tonal values – yes, this does make your work SING – sometimes it is difficult knowing when to stop – but you did it perfectly here!

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  3. Quick splash you might say but I love the dynamics on both paintings, they appear to have a purposeful, continuous movement, a conscious direction and the colors you choose perfectly reinforce the direction. But then again abstracts are always opened to discussion and I love that!
    Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


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