Cobalt teal blue splashes onto the paper in my efforts for a cooler, refreshing ambience.

splash of cobalt paint, abstract painting,
Summer Heat

The palette knife loaded with Acrylic paint slides on the wet paper in a brief fleeting kiss. Perfect for creating smooth applications of color in my abstract painting today.

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Scarlet red orange symbolises the summer’s heat wave.

The cobalt teal blue, a wonderful cooling oasis… all in my imagination of course.


As many of you know now,  cobalt teal blue pg50 has been making a fairly consistent appearance in my paintings lately.

Its such a great Cooling color to splash around the canvas or the paper, I can’t resist the beguiling cobalt teal.


splash of cobalt teal, abstract art,
Splash of Cobalt Teal Oasis


One final thought….   Even though I went a bit  Color Happy,   have a very close look at the tonal values in these.


Check,  to see if you can clearly see my Light (near white) tones;  my Mid Tones;  and my Deep Darks (near/Black)  tones.


With Abstract Art – its even more important, to get all those tones very clear and not muddled up.