bird close up photo, eye,
Thru the Fence

A classic,  “I’m looking at You”  look from Mr.  Bird at the wildlife park.

Before you ask,  I’m not sure what bird this was as we were with the children and ….. well,  I’m sure you can imagine.

I feel lucky, to have gotten any photos at all!

Kids these days are very active, restless legs or something. And seem to have extreme hearing difficulties as well. They should get that checked out.

Plus, their memory retention is dreadful.   My guppies seem to remember longer than they do.

oops.  It sounds like I could be describing someone closer to home.


Later,  I thought we’d have to get a disabled wheelchair for one of them.  Their legs were out of the blue,  all of a sudden, ‘too sore, I can’t move them’!       Someone,  please call the ambulance.   Its an emergency.


shy looks emu, photograph,
Shy Looks


This photo looks adorable, with averted gaze and long lashes. But,  the rest of the body is rather “homely”  – that is a nice way of putting it!


We will return again to the park,  but perhaps a better plan will be with just the older child. One at a time.  Two, is just too much hard work,  unless you’re 30.

They do however like art, drawing and painting, much to my delight. You’ve seen Taylor’s  Matisse’s  Woman  and  Ryan’s Quail Eggs, not yet the other artistic one… but soon, in upcoming posts.


Enjoy your Saturday,  paint, create, relax, zen or play!  Just have one,  Silly Moment.